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Education Portfolio

In PI 34.02 teacher standards, it is stated to receive a license to teach in Wisconsin, an applicant shall complete an approved program and demonstrate proficient performance in the knowledge, skills and dispositions under the Wisconsin Standards for Teacher Development and Licensure.

At St. Norbert College, prospective teachers will demonstrate the above through development of a certification portfolio.

Pre-service teachers are introduced to and begin developing their certification portfolios in the initial education courses (EDUC 120 and EDUC 125). The portfolio is a collection of building blocks that are aligned with the standards for teaching. A key assignment or two in each education course is designated as a building block. The building blocks are submitted via LiveText™ and evaluated by the course instructor using the rubric established for the appropriate gate (year in program). Each gate rubric is made up of selected substandards from the St. Norbert College Teacher Education Standardized Rubric (TESR).

Candidates are expected to perform at a proficient level on all sub-standards before being approved to continue in the teacher-education program. Pre-service teachers who do not pass a building-block assignment are given the opportunity to revise the document, based on the instructor’s feedback, and resubmit it for review. Students are allowed two opportunities to revise their building blocks and are given a deadline of the end of the fifth week of the subsequent semester to complete revisions.

Since all building blocks are submitted through the LiveText™ system, candidates receive feedback on each with a copy of the rubric and the assigned performance levels being returned to them. The system allows for the faculty to make comments on the submitted document or project, as well as on the rubric, thus providing both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

The building blocks are appropriate to the developmental stage of the pre-service teachers and are fully aligned with the standards for teaching.