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Praxis CORE Test Waiver Guidelines

If a student has taken the Praxis CORE and not met the minimum scores, he/she must take the failed test(s) a second time. If unsuccessful on any portion of the examination after the second attempt, the student may appeal for a waiver for whichever portion of the test he/she has not met the cut score.

The process is as follows:

  • The student will meet with the chair of teacher education to discuss the possible appeal.
  • The student will sign the Praxis II information form that states no waivers can be authorized for the Praxis II content area examination. This form will be a part of the documentation that makes up the appeal.
  • The student will write a professional letter of appeal addressing the examination results, number of attempts and any assistance in the areas failed that was secured prior to the final administration of the exam.
  • The student will provide support to illustrate his/her competence in the area(s) failed. This may be in the form of letters from professors stating that the student is competent in this area of study, samples of writing samples that have been evaluated and found to represent acceptable levels of competency, courses completed and resulting grades that illustrate competence in the given area(s) or any other form of documentation that will support the students request for a waiver.
  • The above documentation will be provided to the chair of teacher education, who will take it before the teacher-education faculty for review and a decision regarding granting the waiver.
  • The student will be informed of the results by way of a letter from the director of teacher education.
  • All paperwork will be filed in the students folder.