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Student-teaching is a full-day, full-public-school-semester commitment at a public or private school, including a weekly seminar held at St. Norbert College. To be licensed appropriately, each student must teach at each of the levels at which he/she will be certified. In addition, secondary-education candidates take their special-methods course while student-teaching, or in the fall prior to student-teaching (secondary special-methods courses are offered only once a year during the fall semester).

I. Requirements for Approval to Student-Teach

II. Student-Teacher Placement  
  • General policy
  • Overseas student-teaching
  • Transportation
  • Exceptions to general placement policy
III. Expectations for Student-Teachers
  • Prior to first day of student-teaching
  • Registration for student-teaching courses
  • Duration of student-teaching
  • College supervisors
  • Weekly seminars
  • Immersion into classroom teaching