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Expectations for Student-Teachers

Prior to First Day of Student-Teaching
Upon notification of placements the student-teacher is expected to meet with his/her cooperating teacher(s) to plan for the student-teaching semester.

All student-teachers must submit a signed medical form verifying they are free of all communicable diseases prior to beginning their assignments.

Registration for Student-Teaching Courses
Student-teaching is a full-day, full public/private school semester commitment including a weekly seminar held at St. Norbert College. Student-teachers should enroll in the student-teaching courses for each certification listed below to ensure proper verification on the final transcript.

EDUC 440 – Student-Teaching: Early Childhood
EDUC 445 – Student-Teaching: Middle Childhood
EDUC 450 – Student-Teaching: Early Adolescence
EDUC 455 – Student-Teaching: Adolescence
EDUC 469 – Student-Teaching: General Music
EDUC 470 – Student-Teaching: Choral Music
EDUC 475 – Student-Teaching: Instrumental Music
EDUC 476 – Student-Teaching: Instrumental Music II
EDUC 477 – Overseas Student-Teaching

Duration of Student-Teaching
Each student-teacher will be assigned two cooperating teachers, one per quarter, nine to ten weeks in duration. We require student-teachers to arrive at their assigned schools for initial planning and in-service programs.

First semester student-teachers will follow school system calendars including Christmas and New Year’s break. They return after Jan. 1 to complete the semester or until second semester classes begin at St. Norbert College. December graduates must stay in their designated placements till the completion of first semester.

Second semester student-teachers arrive at assigned school at the start of the school systems second semester, but remain beyond college Commencement, following the school systems calendar into late May or early June.

College Supervisors
Student-teachers are assigned a college supervisor. Student-teachers will be observed and evaluated at least four times by their college supervisor during the student-teaching semester. In addition, at least two conferences must take place involving the student, cooperating teacher and the college supervisor. A report of these observations and conferences is kept in the student’s permanent file.

Weekly Seminars
All student-teachers are required to attend and participate in weekly seminars conducted on the St. Norbert College campus one afternoon per week from 3:30-5 p.m. This may require some student-teachers to make special arrangements to leave early on seminar days. Because visiting lecturers are present for these seminars, it is absolutely necessary that students be on time.

The main purposes of these seminars are threefold:

  1. It is an opportunity for student-teachers and college supervisors to keep each other current on events and progress in student-teacher growth and various needs, as well as to schedule in-class observations and evaluations.
  2. They offer an excellent opportunity for student-teachers and their supervisors to conduct high-quality, critical, creative and reflective discourse activities with each other. The opportunity for this kind of discourse among student-teachers is important in alerting individual student-teachers and college supervisors about questions, issues and growth opportunities occurring in various classrooms.
  3. It is an opportunity to present certain important content areas and information related to the certification process. Often, off-campus professionals with expertise in specific areas are brought in to speak and conduct discussions on specific topics.

Attendance at all of these seminars is a strict college and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirement. Student-teachers should be aware of this. Permission to miss a seminar is given by the college supervisor only to accommodate extraordinary circumstances.

It should also be added that cooperating teachers are welcome to attend any of the various seminar programs. A calendar of seminar events is made available to each student-teacher early in the semester.

Immersion into Classroom Teaching
When student-teachers arrive at assigned schools, cooperating teachers are requested to plan and communicate how various time and class responsibilities will be assumed by student-teachers.

We also ask that a separate desk or worktable be provided to student-teachers. This is an essential and mutual need for student and cooperating teachers, who each need the personal work and storage space that such an arrangement will provide.

First-quarter student-teachers, being less practiced and confident, may need to move a little more cautiously toward full immersion than second-quarter student-teachers.

View the immersion into classroom teaching schedule.