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Laptop Models

Macbook Pro 2010 15 Inch Photo

The education discipline has proposed the following minimum system requirements for your PC or Mac laptop:
  • 2.3GHz processor
  • 4GB memory
  • 250GB hard drive

These are the standard specifications of a MacBook model. Any PC or Mac model at these specification or above will meet your needs while enrolled in the education program at St. Norbert. 

Most recently Apple has offered a back-to-school promotion running from the end of May through early September. In recent years this has been a gift card for the App Store. The education discipline highly recommends checking Apple’s website for all available promotions. After discount and rebates, students have saved, on average, $400-500.

If ordering a laptop outside of Apple’s promotion, St. Norbert offers discounts on Mac computers through the Apple Education Store (when other promotions are not running.) This online-only store offers students discounts throughout the year and also recommends specific models to students. The Apple Education Store requires a St. Norbert ID and password. Once you have been accepted at St. Norbert, you will be assigned a student ID that can be used to access the education store. Further information about the Apple Education Store can be found on the Information Technology Services website.

The education discipline, along with St. Norbert Information Technology Services, highly recommends the three-year AppleCare plan when you purchase a new laptop. We also recommend that students purchase an office productivity suite, such as Microsoft Office or Apple iWork. These can be purchased at discounted prices through various partnerships with the college. Full details are available from Information Technology Services.

Since all of the laptops have different specifications, the frequently asked questions page may be helpful. 

If you have additional questions regarding our laptop requirement, feel free to contact:

Scott Kirst 
Educational Technology Professor 
Education Department