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ALIVE Student Coordinators

What Do Student Coordinators Do?
In collaboration with other student coordinators or apprentices, ALIVE student coordinators plan and run programs for students living in the residence halls and occasionally for the wider campus community. These programs are intended to help students explore questions about values, beliefs, purpose and callings in life.

Most programs are spiritual in nature and are aimed at students of all faith backgrounds and points in spiritual development. Other programs are social in nature and are meant to build community within the hall and on campus.

Specific Job Requirements

  • Arrive on campus a week before the beginning of the fall semester to attend ALIVE training and orientation.
  • Work approximately 10-12 hours per week throughout each semester.
  • Collaborate with other student coordinators and/or apprentices in the planning and implementing of weekly spiritual programs in your assigned hall.
  • Build relationships with the residents and the residential life staff in your assigned hall.
  • Be actively present in your assigned hall and a positive role model for your peers.
  • Attend ALIVE large group meetings, reflection groups, workshops and other team training and events.
  • Treat the ALIVE work as your primary commitment outside of classes.

Who Should Apply for Student Coordinator Positions?

  • Current St. Norbert first-year students, sophomores and juniors of any faith tradition with a grade point average of at least a 2.5.
  • Current ALIVE apprentices and student coordinators who have enjoyed their year and are interested in continuing their work next fall.
  • Students who are not current ALIVE peer ministers but are familiar with the work of ALIVE in their residence hall and interested in joining next year’s team.
  • Students who are asking questions about faith, life and purpose – answers not required!
  • Students interested in growing in their spirituality and in their leadership skills.
  • Students comfortable with sharing their faith with other students and walking with them on their faith journeys.

Financial Compensation

  • $1,000 scholarship paid at $500 per semester
  • An hourly wage of $7.40 ($7.50 for second-year student coordinators)
  • The ALIVE peer ministry position is considered a student coordinator’s primary campus job. The details of secondary jobs must be worked out with Financial Aid.

Residence Hall Information

First-year halls

  • Student coordinators assigned to Burke, Mad/Lor and Sensenbrenner Halls are encouraged to live where they serve. Students willing to do so may be given preference in the application process.
  • Special rooms may be available in these traditionally first-year halls for ALIVE members.
  • The student coordinator assigned to Bergstrom Hall may not be able to live there due to Honors Program requirements, but is expected to be actively present in the hall.
  • Student coordinators in these halls will work with two apprentices and be expected to collaborate with them and act as a mentor to them as the apprentices develop their own leadership and faith-based programming skills.
  • Student coordinators serving these halls are generally not permitted to serve as FYE mentors, due to conflicts in the fall training schedules.

Upperclass halls

  • Students serving upperclass students preferably live in Michels, MMM or VMC.
  • Upperclass hall ministry consists of leading service reflections in Michels and approximately two to three programs per month geared towards all upperclass students.
  • Students wanting to live in Michels are expected to go through the standard application process for the service component.
  • Student coordinators serving upperclass halls will collaborate with at least two other coordinators. Apprentices are not assigned to these halls.
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