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Retreat Opportunities

This is a deep, intense, and meaningful three-day retreat experience that strives to build up a strong relationship with Christ through the life of the Catholic tradition.  Rooted in the vision of Communio in Acts 2:42-47, Kairos strives to create a comfortable but challenging Christian community where participants explore deep and meaningful questions connected to their relationships with self, others and God. Kairos is a Greek term referring to time.  Whereas we typically view time from the perspective of seconds, minutes, hours. Kairos is a term that refers to God's time. The Kairos retreat provides an opportunity to discover what our lives could be if we chose to more fully enter into God's presence and love. The Kairos retreat combines a series of talks given by peers and members of the SNC Community, small group sharing, and the sacramental life of the Church (specifically Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and Reconciliation). Together, there rich elements help foster a deep relationship with God, self and the community.

Silent Retreat

A silent retreat is a time for you to get away and pause for a weekend in a beautiful setting that is filled with natural wonders – water and woods. You will have your own room so that you can have time to contemplate life, love, vocation and all that God is calling. You will have a chance to meet with a spiritual director several times throughout the retreat to help you process and hear your inner voice. All are welcome to join for this annual opportunity to grow spiritually and pause mentally!

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