Our English majors explore with their professors the broad and evolving sweep of English and American Literature, honing their critical thinking skills as they go.

Graduate and Professional School Choices of English Alumni

Where some of St. Norbert College’s English graduates have gone to:

Graduate school in literature

  • Erin Celello - M.A. and M.F.A., Northern Michigan University
  • Ryan Cramer - M.F.A. Poetry, Wichita State University
  • Alison Dosh - M.A. English, St. Thomas University
  • Amy Ferdinand - Ph.D. English, Marquette University
  • Kathryn Fornetti - M.A. English, St. Louis University (no assistantship)
  • Nancy Karls - Ph.D. Rhetoric and Composition, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Liz Langemak - M.A. Poetry, Boston University; Ph.D. Literature University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Mike McIntyre - M.A. English, Northern Illinois University
  • Erin Nitka - Ph.D. English, Purdue University
  • Erica Rude - Ph.D. English, Purdue University
  • Susan Stenlund - Ph.D. English, Purdue University
  • Jodi Wagner - Ph.D. English, Purdue University
  • Erin Whitty - Ph.D. English, Washington University
  • Scott Winkler - Ph.D. English/Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Law/professional school

  • Lora Zimmer - Yale Law School
  • Elizabeth Kremer - William Mitchell Law School