Our English majors explore with their professors the broad and evolving sweep of English and American literature, honing their critical thinking skills as they go.

Links of Interest

The Modern Language Association
The Modern Language Association’s focus is to strengthen the study and teaching of language and literature. They also have a resources on how to cite sources using MLA style.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle is a source of information about post-secondary school education.

The Graduate Record Examination
The GRE is a standardized test that analyzes the skills a student should have mastered in undergraduate studies.

Calls for Papers for Literary Studies Conferences and Publications
University of Pennsylvania compiles a list of calls for papers for conferences and publications. 

Journals Seeking Undergraduate Student Critical & Creative Writing
Certainly many journals take excellent writing, but these journals look explicitly for undergraduate student writing. You can see a more complete list on the Undergraduate Journals web page. If you know of journals that should be on this list, please contact Karlyn Crowley.