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Student-Faculty Development Endowment Fund

This fund has been moved to The Collaborative beginning with the Fall of 2013 - please contact them for further information.


Early in the Spring Semester of 1985-1986, Beth Maren, Chair of the Class of '86 Gift Committee, invited Ken Zahorski, then Director of Faculty Development, to a Committee meeting for the purpose of establishing a class gift designed to promote student-faculty scholarly, pedagogical, artistic, and curricular collaborations. Out of this and other such planning sessions, the concept of "Project '86: The Ultimate Partnership" was born.
To help the dream of "Project '86" become reality, each member of the senior class was invited to donate $86.00 over a three-year period. On June 30, 1990, the date marking the end of that three-year period, the Student-Faculty Development Endowment Fund principal had generated sufficient interest to provide a $1000.00 award for 1990-1991. Thus, thanks to the generosity of the Class of '86 the SNC academic community was provided with another in-house funding source from which to draw.
Since Dr. Tim Flood, Associate Professor of Geology, and James Sullivan, a SNC Natural Science major, received the first Student-Faculty Development Endowment Fund award in October, 1990, the Fund has grown considerably, thanks to the generosity of the F.W. Olin Foundation. Citing our institution as a "center of academic excellence," the Foundation awarded a $100,000.00 grant to SNC in the fall of 1991 for the purpose of supporting faculty development in general, and joint student-faculty learning partnerships in particular. The addition of Olin Grant monies to the initial "Project '86" gift has provided the OFD with the monetary support needed to make available several $1,000.00 Student-Faculty Development Endowment Fund grants each year.

The Student-Faculty Development Endowment Fund is a unique and exciting growth opportunity promising substantial benefits for students, faculty, and the institution as a whole. The Office of Faculty Development worked on the project for three years before the first call for applications in the Fall Semester of 1990-1991: first helping to refine the concept; then helping to develop strategies for promoting it; and, finally, drafting a set of funding guidelines and establishing an Awards Committee.

The Awards Subcommittee is comprised of the Faculty Development Student Intern (Chair), the President or officer of the Student Government Association, the President or officer of another academic club (these alternate by year), and two faculty members from the Faculty Development Committee. Beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year, a member of The St. Norbert Collaborative has also served on the Subcommittee.  Through the use of a carefully planned and implemented promotional strategy, the Awards Subcommittee has created greater visibility for the Fund among SNC students. As a result, many grant partnerships are now student initiated. The director and members of the FDC are pleased to have played a role in developing this Fund and look forward to administering and nurturing it in the years ahead.

Past projects have studied the effects of eyeglasses on interpersonal attraction, translated a text from German to English, conducted a marketing study for the Green Bay Packers, and studied immune cell activation in mice.

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