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Mackenzie SwansonMackenzie Swanson ’11 never planned on attending a private college. It wasn't until after she toured the campus that she realized St. Norbert was the right choice for her. Then came the hard part—figuring out ways to pay for it.

Mackenzie began applying for any scholarships she was eligible for. Maintaining good grades in high school and volunteering paid off, as she received local scholarships as well as an academic scholarship from the college. She also completed the FAFSA early in the spring to see what other types of grants and loans she was eligible for. In the meantime she worked a part-time job and began to save up.

It wasn't until she received her first financial aid award letter that she knew that a private education at St. Norbert was more than just a dream.

"It may seem like a private college is beyond most families' mean, but don't rule it out. Applying for aid is free and you may be surprised just how affordable a St. Norbert education can become. I sure was!"

The St. Norbert edge

A typical St. Norbert financial aid package and our four-year graduation guarantee help limit the average debt for our graduates to a level comparable to that of public university graduates.

You'll find an investment in a St. Norbert education brings you more than a degree. It provides opportunities that will shape your life, with transforming, value-added experiences.

4-year graduation guarantee—hold your degree in hand one to two years ahead of your peers who chose to go elsewhere.

Earlier entry to the workforce or graduate school—get a head start earning a salary or use your St. Norbert experience as a ticket to an advanced degree. Many of our graduates earn apprenticeships that pay for their graduate school education. More than 98% of St. Norbert graduates are employed or attending graduate school when surveyed nine months after graduation.

14 to 1 student/faculty ratio—that translates into small class sizes, and personal attention from professors—not graduate assistants.

Undergraduate research opportunities—learn how to dig deeper, work alongside your professors, and present your findings at national conferences or other professional and academic settings.

Internships—experience your major in the real world while building a resume. Many internships are paid and qualify for academic credit. >>MORE

Study abroad—experience other cultures and educational settings while expanding your worldview and still graduate in four years! >>MORE

Service/Leadership—work with, serve and learn to lead others. A commitment to these Norbertine values will stay with you for life.

Financial Aid

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