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Guatemala: A Study of Contrasts

How’d you like to wrap up your first semester of college in Central America? Not a bad way to begin your college career! You’ll have plenty of adventure – living out culture, learning local crafts, hiking ancient ruins and exploring a volcano. You’ll grow in ways scarcely imagine. You'll touch the lives of countless people through service.

Through our partnership with De la Gente, a local NGO with American roots, you'll also experience the radical hospitality of Guatemalans, their unmatched ethic and their commitment to family and community.

Guatemala is full of adventure, and you'll have plenty of time to explore the natural wonders that it offers. Imagine camping on a volcano, hiking ancient Mayan ruins, or zip lining over Lake Atitlan!

Where You’ll Stay
Our work will be just outside Antigua, Guatemala, in San Miguel de Escobar, where students will be staying together in groups with local families. San Miguel de Escobar is a small, tight-knit, safe town where literally everyone will come to know you. You’ll eat well – there's nearly an endless variety of local vegetables, fruits and juices – and, after days of studying and exploring the local community firsthand, you’ll likely sleep well, too.

Where Is Guatemala?
Guatemala is located in Central America, bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.

College Credit
SSCI 129 - Colonialism, Cultural Imperialism & Hegemony 
(4 credits, meets the Beyond Borders core curriculum requirement)

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