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Domestic Travel: Chicago/Albuquerque

This learning adventure will be set in two different domestic landscapes -- one a bustling urban environment, the other the wide open spaces of the desert southwest. You'll dive deeper into the American identity, looking at issues of race, class, culture, ethnicity, gender and immigration status.

During our time in Chicago we will stay at the Br. David Darst Center, which is a social justice education center located on the southside of Chicago, in the Bridgeport neighborhood.  

The goal during our stay at the Darst Center is to generate genuine conversation about the marginalized people and places we will visit, and to challenge the perceptions and prejudices many of us hold about others who may be different than us.

Through work in homeless shelters and elsewhere, you'll witness and experience how people live in urban poverty, and through thoughtful discussion you will reflect more deeply on peace, justice and appreciation of the dignity of every person.

In New Mexico's desert landscape, you'll explore immigration issues and the culture of the indigenous populations.

The Norbertine brothers will be hosting us in Albuquerque at their residence, Santa Maria de la Vid., and we'll share a living space and meals together.

College Credit
AMER 128 - American Myths: Individual & Community
(4 credits, meets the Difference & Diversity core curriculum requirement)

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