By assisting faculty and staff in securing grants, the office of grant development helps SNC move forward in scholarly research, program development, and student success.

Faculty and Staff Areas of Interest

Many of you have expressed a desire to collaborate with other faculty and staff on grant proposals. You may have interests or areas of expertise outside your normal field. This web page is a great place to find out what other SNC faculty and staff are interested in and possibly locate collaborators for a grant. Please contact Sarah Ryan if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss funding opportunities or if you’d like to be added to this list.

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Entries are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the faculty/staff member.

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Ravi Agarwal, software engineering and processes, evolutionary computation, mobile platforms
Deb Anderson, human anatomy, organismal biology, paleobiology 

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David Bailey, learning and memory, neuroendocrinology, animal behavior
Brandon Bauer, art as a space for ethical inquiry, discourse and dialog; the exploration of critical social histories in art practice; critical theory and contemporary art production; the intersection of art, technology and culture
April Beiswenger, ttheatrical design/scenography, installation art, scenic painting, clothing and fashion theory and construction, architecture and decor theory, film theory (horror specifically)
Mark Bockenhauer, Wisconsin Geographic Alliance
Tom Bolin, biblical studies, ancient literatures 
Mara Brecht, religious pluralism and diversity, interreligious dialogue, global Christianity
Erik Brekke, atomic and optical physics, interaction of atoms with lasers
Shan Bryan-Hanson, art exhibition and conservation, studio practices in painting
Kelsy Burke, contemporary American religions; gender, sexuality, digital media
Bridget Burke-Ravizza, Christian social ethics, Christian marriage and family, feminist theology
Cristi Burrill, leadership development, college student development, involvement/engagement 

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Ivy Cargile, race and ethnic political behavior, women in politics, immigration politics and policy, campaigns and elections 
Cheryl Carpenter-Siegel, race, class, gender, charity
Ben Chan, medical ethics, ethics of emotion, applied Kantian ethics
Anindo Choudhury, host-parasite associations, discovery and analysis of parasite diversity 
Tom Conner, French and German, Dreyfus affair, intellectual history of France, Francophone Indochina
Raquel Cowell, decision making across the lifespan
Karlyn Crowley, women’s and gender studies, critical identity studies 
Sally Cubitt, digitization and preservation
Kari Cunningham, photochemistry

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Melissa DaPra, environmental and sustainability initiatives
Bola Delano, multicultural education/culturally responsive teaching/culturally relevant pedagogy, service learning, community and civic engagement, gender and schooling, students of color and the opportunity gap 
Tom Doughman, alcohol harm reduction, helping students with Autism spectrum disorders, treating anxiety disorders and eating disorders/body image in the college populations
David Duquette, history of political thought, history of philosophy

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Howard Ebert, systematic theology, foundational theology, theology of suffering
Deirdre Egan-Ryan, 20th century literature and culture, race, gender, and issues of space and place
Brad Ellis, narrative prose of Miguel de Cervantes and Maria de Zayas, the Moriscos, female empowerment and subversion in counter-reformation Spain

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Tim Flood igneous petrology
John Frohliger, collaborative research with students, mathematics pedagogy

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Katie Garber, endophytes that live in plants
Kathleen Gallagher Elkins, New Testament, Early Christinaity, women's studies, post-Holocaust/Shoa theology, childhood studies, martyrdom 
Mark Glantz, media studies, political communication
Corday Goddard, summer bridge program for underserved students, student retention
Wolfgang Grassl, brands and branding, consumer behavior and marketing strategy, philosophical and economic theory of value, Catholic social thought

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Jason Haen, incorporating Catholic Social Teaching into the classroom, ethics, factors affecting success on the CPA exam
Nelson Ham, geology of Wisconsin, glacial geology, geomorphology, climate change
Anna Herrman, body image and communication
John Holder, early Buddhism, American pragmatism
David Hunnicut, microbiology, bacteria, immunity

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Charley Jacobs, judicial process, American politics, the impact of state courts on racial and ethnic discrimination
Bonnie Johnson, high-stakes testing 

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Scott Kirst, science education, math education, technology education
Carrie Kissman, how disturbance affects aquatic ecosystems
Michael Knight, music of Robert Russell Bennett, use of video feedback in teaching young conductors 
Bob Kramer,  Middle East history, Islamic society in Sudan, specifically religious ideas and social issues in the 19th century 
Valerie Kretz, how media influences romantic relationships, adolescent media use 

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Susan Landt, multicultural literature
Terry Jo Leiterman, mathematical modeling, undergrad research
Amy Lewis, slave narratives written during the nineteenth century in the United States
Jamie Lynch, Executive Director, Strategic Research Institute, role of health and education in social stratification, particularly obesity, 

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Laurie MacDiarmid, identity and relation issues, creative writing
Joel Mann, ancient philosophy and science, aesthetics, moral psychology 
Julie Massey, spirituality, vocation, marriage, every day holiness, emerging adult ministry 
Nancy Mathias, service-learning, community engagement, community based research, local anti-poverty/youth initiatives, GRACE/SNC partnerships, closing the achievement/opportunity gap
Rebecca McKean, sedimentology, vertebrate paleontology
Bonnie McVey, computer science theory
Ty Meidl, education, culturally relevant pedagogy, literacy
Sethy Meyer, discrete math, combinatorics, linear algebra
Kathy Molnar, undergraduate student cheating
Shelly Mumma, leadership studies, gender and leadership, college student development 

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Luis Navarro-Ayala, queer transcultural perspective of "Frenchness" as it is conceived in Latin America and North Africa
John Neary, modern English-language fiction, religion/spirituality in literature
Jim Neuliep, intercultural communication 
Paul Ngo, sensation and perception, multi-disciplinary and multi-level analysis
Jennifer Nissen, student affairs, alternative breaks service trips, service-learning, international adoption

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David Pankratz, robotics
Karen Park, early modern theological history, Catholic devotionalism, women’s convent writing
Wayne Patterson, history of East Asia
Marcie Paul, Honors Program, Latin American literature
John Pennington, collaborative research with students, Victorian fairy tales
Brian Pirman, design, digital photography, electronic image manipulation
Bob Pyne, peace and conflict, human rights, religion and politics, peacebuilding

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Kevin Quinn, sports economics

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Katie Ries, interdisciplinary art, environmental sustainability, drawing, printmaking 
Reid Riggle, service learning
Ed Risden, Shakespeare, Medieval literature, fiction and poetry writing, Tolkien, Milton, history of epic poetry, narrative theory, humor theory, aesthetics, medievalism
Michael Rosewall, researching and creating editions of little known or unusual choral works, music written for the voice
Jonathon Russel, design and analysis of inhibitors of the dopamine transport protein

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Wendy Scattergood, political polling, environmental security
Marc Schaffer, risk differences in different types of financial institutions, microfinance, financial literacy 
Larry Scheich, curricular reform in chemistry, polymer chemistry/material science
Drew Scheler, how classical and early modern rhetoric influenced English Renaissance poets, composition pedagogy and ethical learning
Keith Sherony, Major League Baseball game attendance, team revenue and finance, payroll taxes, player development, compression of player's abilities, salary distribution, performance enhancing drugs, game scheduling 

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Victoria Tashjian, African American settlement in 19th-century Wisconsin, women's and gender studies, West African social and economic history
Ikuko Torimoto, Japanese immigrants to the U.S.
Alexa Trumpy, social movements, pro-life movement

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Amy Vandenberg, undergrad accounting research
Gratzia Villaroel, impact of global institutions on the development of democratic structures, significance of non-traditional actors in the political process of developing nations
Kristin Vogel, collection building and management, information literacy
Marc von der Ruhr,  foreign direct investment, economics of religion,