Health & Wellness Services provides the campus community with confidential, quality clinical services, and opportunities to improve their overall wellness.

Barb Bloomer

Senior Director for Health Services

B.S.N., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maternal/ Child Clinical Specialist, Marquette University
Public Health Nurse Certification, Wisconsin Division of Health
Certified Nurse Executive; ANA

The opportunity to work with young adults, assisting them in their goal attainment, integrating healthy choices into their lifestyle and providing opportunities for holistic development guides everything that I do. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of the change, growth and maturity of students as they journey through their college years.

I encourage student involvement in Health and Wellness Services, clinically and educationally. Students will learn about themselves, their community and their worlds by increasing their awareness and involvement in health related issues. I enjoy meeting all students and practice an open-door policy.

On a personal note, I enjoy learning new things and being a partner in new developments. I love gardening (watching things grow in a different way), reading, biking and skiing. I love being with my family and friends and being in the great outdoors.