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SNC Take the Challenge
September 30th - November 17th, 2013

What is "SNC Take the Challenge"
o    This is a 7 week holistic wellness program designed to engage the students, staff and faculty of St. Norbert College in taking ownership of their physical, emotional, and
      spiritual health.       
o    Each week will hold a new challenge.  
o    Participants are encouraged to have a “buddy,” for encouragement and support (on campus or at home).
o    Earn points each week by completing activities that promote healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, spirituality, wellness, and time management.
o    Our hope is to plant a seed that empowers individuals to take steps toward improving their general health/wellbeing and the health/wellbeing of those supporting them.
o    We are partnering once again with Human Resources to offer another opportunity for you to manage your personal wellness.

How to begin “SNC Take the Challenge”
•    Follow and interact on the Blog page for up-to-date information on the "challenges."
•    You will be able to earn points daily and meet the “challenge” for that week.
•    Each week you will be adding a new healthy habit.
•    You will be able to build your points by continuing to meet the “challenge” from previous weeks and the current week.
•    “Point Tracker” will help you keep track!

Who can participate?
All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate! These challenges are based on individual goals, although everyone should have a "buddy" support system.
Your "buddy" can be someone on campus or at home-it is totally up to you.
You will be able to register online
Registration begins September 16th and continues throughout the program.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to support healthier choices, strengthening our lifestyles towards balance.

Why participate?
-    Kick-off the year with a healthy, fresh start!
-    Get more exercise
-    Have fun with friends
-    Increase self awareness
-    Weekly prize drawings!

Each participant will receive an exclusive "SNC Take the Challenge" commemorative t-shirt!

What is the cost?  
This program is absolutely free!

So, lets get started!
Registration for this program begins September 16th-Just email your name to
Print off your "Point Tracker"
Bank your points! Send that information weekly online to

Follow the Blog
Follow this weekly program by visiting our “SNC Take the Challenge” blog which will be online starting September 17th.  This interactive blog will keep you posted with up-to-date program information.

Week 1 – September 30th
SuperTracker Challenge – Set your goals - Track your goals. Begin by signing up for “SuperTracker”
Lunchtime Conversations - September 30th at Noon, Campus Center, "Workout Spaces"

Week 2 - October 7th
Take the Stairs Challenge
Promotes 30 - 40 minutes of exercise on most days

Week 3 - October 14th
5-A-Day Challenge
Strive to incorporate 5 fruits and vegetables into your daily diet
Lunchtime Conversations - kickoff on Friday, October 10th, noon, Mulva Library room 101 - Healthy Eating
Maximize Fruit and Vegetable Intake to Maximize Your Life
20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables

Week 4 - October 21st
Relaxation Challenge
Strive to incorporate 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation daily
Lunchtime Conversations - Friday, October 18th, noon, Mulva Library room 101 - Relaxation and Biofeedback
Guided imagery
Meditation Techniques
4 ways to Calming Techniques

Week 5 - October 27th
Spiritual Challenge
Strive to take time in our daily lives for spiritual reflection and meditation.
Lunchtime Conversations - Friday, October 25th, noon, Mulva Library room 101 -  Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual Wellness

Week 6 - November 4th
Wellness Challenge
Focusing on the dimensions of wellness
Lunchtime Conversations - Friday, November 1st, noon, Mulva Library room 101
Wellness presentation
Lifestyle Guide
What is TestWell?
Lifestyle Assessment Worksheet
Weekly Wellness Planner

Week 7 November 11th
Time Challenge
Striving for stress free time management
Lunchtime Conversations - Friday, November 8th, noon, Mulva Library room 101
Time Management handout

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You can access information about events and other important information by visiting our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. Don't forget to check out Student Health 101 for more approaches to healthy living!



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