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SNC's On Track

March 24th through April 20th

What is "SNC's On Track" all about?
It is all about walking and being physcially active. We invite you to participate in Health and Wellness Services  "SNC's On Track" walking program. This program will be utilizing the American Heart Association's "Start Walking Now" activity tracker. After participants have registered for the program they will have:
•  Access to the Activity Tracker - an easy-to-use physical activity and nutrition tracker
•  Access the My Walking Plan - a personalized walking plan to get you on your way to a healthier you.
•  Access to create your own Walking Paths and share with others.

Once again, you can learn about events and other important information by visiting our Facebook page. Don't forget to check out Student Health 101 for more approaches to healthy living!

Who can participate?
Everyone in the College community! Yes, students, faculty and staff are all greatly encouraged to join this four week walking program. You will register as indivduals, enter a team name if you would like and get ready to start walking towards a more active role in your health!

Register at the AHA's website: Get Active for a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Click the orange "search for company" link and type in St. Norbert College - this will enter each individual as a participant for our College.
  • Under the "Health Info" heading:
    The College, Health & Wellness program administrators nor any other participants will NOT see this information.
    It is used by the Tracker to help calculate and translate your non-walking/running activities into "Total Steps".
  • Under the "Preferences" heading
    If checked, the Health & Wellness program administrators will be able to see your name, department, email address, and physical activities.
    However, no one will see your health information (i.e. weight or height).
  • Registration is ongoing throughout the program.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to follow the American Heart Association's physical activity recommedation. You can use this as your goal or our program allows you to set your own daily activity goal.  

Any equipment needed?
You will only need to keep track of your time spent on activities, although you may also use a pedometer. The AHA's Activity Tracker has the capibility of tracking 27 activities from aerobics through to yoga. You will select the activity, the intensity of the activity and enter the number of minutes of the activity - press enter and you will see the total steps accomplished during that activity - very simple and fun!

What is the cost?
There is no cost--it is free.

Getting started…
• Cut your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes
• Extend your life expectancy.
• Work toward a healthy weight (or maintain the weight you have).
• Have more energy to do the things you love.
• Sleep better.
• Enhance your mental well being.
• Be a great role model for the people in your life.
• Be ready to hit the ground running in spring!
• Gear up for swimsuit season

Find up-to-date information and highlights by following the program on the "Take the Challenge" blog site .

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"SNC's On Track" Registration

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