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Step It Up: Life is a Journey!

On Monday, February 15th, 2016 we will trek out towards our virtual adventure across the Ozarks.
This is a 7-week event where we will arrive in Memphis, Tennessee on April 3rd, 2016.
Each week we will have an exclusive destination which will emphasize one or more aspects of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.
Everyone who made the trip can then kick back, pick out your favorite deck chair and ~ aahhh ~ relax! Join us at our Mississippi Steamboat celebration later that week!

All SNC students, faculty and staff are invited to join our trek. We would like you to catch the energetic, team spirit that will encourage daily physical activity.

So Let’s Get Started! 
What is a team? 5 team members designating one as the team captain.
 What is your team name? Decide on a name that makes everyone happy.
 What type of equipment do you need?  Each team member will need a pedometer or any other device that will record your daily steps. An alternative to this is to use this conversion chart to convert your daily activities into steps.  
 Where do you record your weekly steps? We will send out an email with directions to all team members the week before the start date. There is a website showing all teams and their progress.
 Where do you register? Register online.
 What does it cost to participate? It is totally free. 

How Far Will We Actually Be Walking?
The total walk will be 1,025 miles or 2,050,000 steps.
1 mile = 2,000 steps

Here’s the math:
1,025 miles for 5 people = 205 miles per week
205 miles in 7 weeks = 29.29 miles per week for each person
29.29 miles per week = 4.18 miles per day for each person
4.18 miles per day = 8,360 steps a day for each person
And if your daily step count goes beyond this, that will be fantastic!

Stay Connected!
Find up-to-date information and highlights by following this exciting event on our Take the Challenge blog, and make sure to follow Health and Wellness on Pinterest! Read the latest from Student Health 101 on Facebook and Twitter.

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air of your imagination." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson