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How the Honors Program Works

The Honors Program is designed to challenge students academically and also to engage them in a community of student-scholars. In order to help build this community, incoming honors students live together in Bergstrom Hall

Incoming honors students also enroll in one of several special “honors” sections of a common course (HONR 101). This class satisfies a core curriculum requirement, as well as serving as a foundational course for the honors students. As students continue in the program, they enroll in special sections of core curriculum courses that are designated as “honors” courses. These sections have an even smaller enrollment than traditional classes, and only honors students may register for these courses. An honors student normally completes six courses designated as honors courses. As seniors, honors students complete an honors project.

For detailied information on program requirements and scheduling, including a four year paradigm, visit the academic requirements and scheduling web page.

Co-curricular Requirements
Honors students are required to attend Honors events as specified.  Events include the Annual Welcome Picnic, a Team Building Ropes Course event, Life Raft!, and All Honors Meetings.

Honors students receive priority registration: they are able to register before other members of their class. Students' registration times reflect this privilege. Honors students in the same class may receive different registration times because of the different numbers of credits they have earned (AP, transfer, etc).

Study Abroad
Honors students are encouraged to study abroad. They are not required to do any extra project while abroad; the semester abroad counts as one of the 6 required classes.

Honors Program Recognition
Those who complete this special course of study receive the designation “Graduate of the Honors Program” on their diploma and transcript. Each honors student is required maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA or better to receive this citation.

Director's Contact Information
The Director serves as the Honors Advisor for all Honors students. Please feel free to contact Marcie Paul at (920)403-3222, stop by her office (Boyle Hall 322), or contact her via email at


Honors Program

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