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Academic Requirements

Students who complete the requirements of the St. Norbert College Honors Program receive the distinction of “Graduate of the Honors Program” on their transcripts and on their permanent records upon graduation. To graduate from the Honors Program, students must complete the following requirements detailed in the scheduling paradigm:

Basic Requirements

  • Honors 101 (HONR 101)
  • Six honors classes (including HONR 101) or five honors classes + study abroad/Washington semester/student-teaching abroad
  • Honors students may substitute Honors Tutorials, study abroad, student teaching abroad, or the Washington Semester for up to two semesters of Honors coursework. Tutorials are pass/fail and earn students half course credit (2 credits). Tutorials can be taken by students with junior and senior standing.
  • Honors students must have a GPA of 3.5 at the end of their senior year in order to become graduates of the Honors Program.

View the 2017/2018 scheduling paradigm for an in-depth look at how to schedule in your Honors Program requirements during your academic career at St. Norbert College.

Tutorials: What are They?
Honors tutorials are an alternative choice to regular, four-credit honors courses, designed to promote and facilitate intellectual discussion and collaboration between faculty and students. Learn more about them via our honors tutorials webpage
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