Our honors program small group tutorials bring our highest-achieving students together with professors equally passionate in investigating a wide-ranging slate of topics.

Honors Tutorials

Honors tutorials are “mini-classes” with topics chosen by faculty members and are based on either their academic area of expertise or a particular avocation. Individual tutorials are generally capped at four students, allowing for maximum discussion and participation.

Each tutorial takes place over a three-week period; students enroll in three tutorials per semester. Meeting times are determined by the individual faculty member in consultation with the students.

Students will be graded pass/fail by each of their three tutorial instructors. They must successfully complete all three tutorials in order to obtain credit for completing a semester of tutorials. If a student successfully completes a semester of tutorials, he or she earns half course credit (2 credits) and fulfills an honors course requirement (i.e. a semester of tutorials replaces one of the six honors courses required for graduation from the Honors Program).

Honors students may sign up for tutorials twice (two semesters) during their college career.

Since the tutorials began in the fall of 2010, 46 different instructors have led tutorials and 142 students have taken tutorials. 

How Do I Register for Tutorials?
Honors students of sophomore standing and above who wish to take an honors tutorial must complete registration via our tutorial registration instructions

All tutorial requests will be evaluated based on: 

  • Class standing (sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Number of honors courses already completed 
  • Course and/or schedule conflict(s)
Students approved to sign up for tutorials will receive an email from Stacey Wanta and will be given an override in Knightline in order to register. When registering for classes, students will then register for HONR 289: Honors Tutorials.  

Following registration, students enrolled in the tutorials will receive an Honors tutorial topic list and further instructions on topic selection.

If you have any questions, please email Stacey Wanta