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Honors Program Application

The Honors Program Application is currently closed, and will reopen for 2017 incoming freshman this December. If you have any questions about the Honors Program admission process, please contact Gina Bortel at or (920) 403-3992.

Personal Information
Email address:
Educational Background
High school name:
Year of graduation:
Current GPA:
Personal Background
List activities in which you have participated that would make you an asset to the St. Norbert College Honors Program (e.g.: volunteer work, employment, sports, clubs, organizations, etc.):
List the leadership qualities and other skills you possess that would make you an asset to this program:
List any other information you believe should be considered when your application is reviewed:
Essay Questions
1. Some say social media dulls our discourse because it limits our communications and does not allow room for expressing deep or complex ideas. We challenge you to defy these skeptics by describing yourself as fully and accurately as possible in the 140-character limit of a tweet.
2. Answer ONE of these two questions:

1. French novelist Anatole France famously wrote: “An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t.” What don’t you know?

2. What things can be dissolved? Salt, governments, beliefs, and celebrity couples, to name a few. You’ve just been granted the power to dissolve anything: physical, metaphorical, abstract, concrete…you name it. What do you dissolve, and what solvent do you use?
Please also submit one letter of recommendation (different from St. Norbert application) to the Office of Admission electronically at