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Essay Questions
1. The current economic recession has seriously affected schools across the country.

For example, budget cuts and declining tax revenues have forced many public high schools to either cut back or eliminate a wide variety of programs such as foreign languages, the arts and AP courses.

Given the economic climate, shrinking budgets and the importance of other endangered programs, do you believe that high schools should continue to offer AP courses?
2. We have all seen or played the game “Jeopardy,” in which players have to choose a category and then “answer” the clue by asking the correct question.

If you were to design your ideal Jeopardy board, what six categories would it include? Why would you choose these particular categories? What would be an example of the questions under each category?

If you wish, you may include the daily double or final Jeopardy question!
Please have two or more of your teachers send a letter of recommendation to the address below:
St. Norbert College
Office of Admission
100 Grant Street
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