As a four-year residential college, St. Norbert strives to provide students with a variety of options for quality living on campus.

Michels Hall Service Program

The Michels Hall Service Program is a living-learning service opportunity available to sophomores and juniors. Students apply in groups of eight with the intention of living together in Michels Hall and completing an academic year of service with a community organization in the Greater Green Bay area.

Staff and residents participate in intellectually engaging programs and reflections designed around the service work of each suite. Residents of the Michels community develop a greater understanding of how actions in the community – both in their residence hall and at the community partner site – connect them to each other and the common good. Furthermore, residents develop a greater understanding of social justice issues, citizenship and creating effective change.

Advice for Those Considering the Program

  • Remember that one person’s conduct record can disqualify the entire group. Have a candid conversation with your potential suitemates about their history on campus.
  • Choose individuals with a variety of schedules and interests. Groups with residents in the same extra-curricular activities do not always succeed in the hall. Residents with similar schedules create conflicts for choosing service sites and times.
  • While it is not required, experience working with children and people experiencing poverty helps students succeed in the program.

Questions? Please contact the Office of Residential Education and Housing at or 920-403-3360.


St. Norbert College Michels Hall residents will engage in the following skill development areas:

Develop open, honest and meaningful relationships based on mutual esteem, both within the hall and off-campus community.

  • Attend four community programs throughout the year (at least two during fall semester).
  • Treat each other with respect and resolve conflicts at the lowest level.
  • In the spirit of communio, develop deep meaningful relationships with other Michels residents.
  • Celebrate fellow Michels residents’ accomplishments.

Learn about yourself and others.

  • Actively participate in two reflection sessions per year.
  • Complete training required by your community partner, if applicable.
  • Through your service experiences identify the needs of individuals living in the local community in order to understand and respect their experiences.
  • Identify and develop your gifts as you prepare for the rest of your life in service of the common good.

Assist a community partner in reaching its mission, and increase the capacity of the organization to serve more individuals and meet their goals.

  • Respond to community needs by completing at least 30 hours of direct service during the academic year. 
  • Articulate at least one positive, measurable impact you have had on the community.
  • Develop authentic relationships with individuals you meet at your service site.


To participate in the Michels Hall Service Program, all residents must meet the following qualifications:

  • Conduct History: Residential Education and Housing will review a full conduct history of all applicants. Students on disciplinary probation at the time of the application are ineligible. In addition, students who were found responsible for violating more than one of the following behavioral policies as defined in The Citizen at any time before or during the current academic year are ineligible to participate in the Michels Hall Service Program:
    • Alcohol violations
    • Drug related violations
    • Disruptive/disorderly behavior (to include but not limited to physical altercations, behavior which disrupts the learning environment, vandalism, harassment, etc.)
    • Non-compliance with a college official
  • Volunteer requirements: Each resident must comply with the volunteer requirements set forth by the community partner and the program. 
  • Sophomore status:  All residents must have reached sophomore status by the time they move into Michels Hall.
  • Registered SNC Student: All individuals listed on the application must be enrolled students at St. Norbert College registered for 12 or more credits at the time of application. 

If any member of the group does not meet the above requirements, the entire group will be ineligible to participate in the Michels Hall Service Program.

Suite Representative
Each group must designate two suite representatives. The suite representatives agree to complete the following tasks: 

  • Serve as a liaison between suite members and the community partner and staff of the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning and Residential Education and Housing (REH)
  • Encourage suitemates to complete service
  • Help remove obstacles and solve problems
  • Attend weekly Community Council meetings to develop leadership skills and share information
  • Attend training sessions, as needed


  • Each accepted suite group will be matched with a community partner. Groups that are accepted into the program are expected to complete the necessary paperwork as stated above.  Residents will meet with their community partner at the Fall All Hall Meeting to be held the first week of classes in the fall semester. Groups are expected to meet with their community partner throughout the school year as needed.
  • Each member of the group will be required to complete a total of 30 hours of direct service at their service site per academic year. Direct service is defined as face-to-face service that actually affects the group’s service site. Service hours cannot be accumulated in one visit; they must be done throughout the year. Service hours completed at other service sites or through other SNC programs/clubs/employment will not be counted toward the required Michels Hall Service Program commitment.
  • In addition to the 30 direct service hours, students may be expected to complete a pre-service site orientation or training(s) and an orientation meeting on campus (Fall All Hall Meeting). Students are also required to complete 4 educational sessions per semester. Residents will be notified of approved sessions throughout the year.
  • Each suite group is required to participate in an ALIVE Program reflection session each semester with the ALIVE Upperclass Team.
  • Students must provide their own transportation to and from their group’s service site. It is important that groups discuss transportation arrangements and are able to ensure every group member will have a way of getting to and from the service site.

Application Process

  • One paper group application. This application includes completed continued housing form, suite/rooming preferences, suite leader nomination and suite member signatures.
  • Eight electronic individual applicant information sheets. Each group member must complete the individual applicant information sheet which can be located on the main housing website page. 
  • Availability to attend one or both of the Michels Hall Service Program Interview Nights, Tuesday, February 23, 2016, and/or Wednesday, February 24, 2016, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. During the interview, the group will meet with multiple community partners and St. Norbert students and staff. It is in your best interest to have as many suite members available as possible.

Applications will be reviewed by the Michels Hall Director, Associate Hall Director and Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning staff. Based on this review, the staff may limit the number of groups who are invited to interview. Interviews will take place with the community partners, as well as Residential Education and Housing, and Sturzl Center staff members.

Groups will be notified via email by Tuesday, March 1, 2016 about the status of their application. Students accepted into the program are expected to complete background checks, liability waivers, memorandums of agreement and program evaluations required by their service site and/or St. Norbert College.

If your group is unable to complete these steps by May 8, 2016, your group members may be reassigned to other housing options.