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Apartment floor plans:
Floor plan A

Floor plan B

NOTE: The building only contains 3 suites that follow Floor Plan A.  Those three rooms are reserved for students with ADA accommodations. The rest of the suites follow Floor Plan B.

Map and directions to Gries Hall

This street address is for planning purposes only. Your mailing address will be:

Student's Name
Suite Box Number
St. Norbert College
100 Grant Street
De Pere, WI 54115-2099

Fr. Eugene E. Gries, O.Praem., Residence Hall

About Gries Hall
Gries is a three-story, residential apartment facility. Located across from the Schuldes Sports Center, on Third Street, Gries Hall is an upperclassmen summer and academic year housing option.

The 59,000-square-foot facility, featuring a brick and stone exterior, is designed to provide senior students with a transitional living experience that bridges the gap between traditional campus living and what they might expect in their first residence after graduation. Among its amenities are:

• a first-floor common area and lounge.
• a second-floor fitness center.
• a second-floor laundry room and study area.
• a third-floor reflection area.

The building is wheelchair accessible.

Gries Hall has two floors of 11.5 month leases (2nd and 3rd) an one floor of 9 month leases (1st). All-senior student groups will receive preference but senior-junior mixes and junior groups may apply for apartments if space allows.

Living in Gries Hall
Who can apply for residency in the new apartments?
Gries is an upper-class living option. Priority will be given to groups of seniors and juniors.

How do I apply to live in Gries?
Seniors and juniors indicating a desire to live in Gries will be able to apply for residency in February. Assignments will be based on class standing and housing lottery numbers. The top 36 groups will be granted residency in the new apartments.

Gries Living GuidelinesGries Hall Living Guidelines 2013-2014


If you have additional questions, please contact

About your room:

Typical room layout

Features and amenities:

• Three-story masonry structure
• 36 apartments
• Four single-occupancy bedrooms per unit
• Total occupancy of 144 students
• Fully furnished
• Open-concept kitchen/dining/living area
• Storage room in each unit
• Air conditioning
• Forced air, hot-water heat
• Wireless internet
• Cable television
• Wheelchair accessible
• Utilities included

Department of Residential Education and Housing

Phone: (920) 403-3360
Fax: (920) 403-3361

St. Norbert College • 100 Grant Street • De Pere, WI 54115-2099 • 920-337-3181