In 2014, the college purchased the Joliet Square Apartments, now Prémontré and Xanten Halls, to provide upper class students with more on-campus living options.

Prémontré & Xanten Halls

Prémontré and Xanten are both three-story, residential apartment facilities and houses 154 total residents. Premontre is located at 420 College Avenue and Xanten is located at 436 College Avenue. Both buildings are upperclassman academic year and summer housing options.

Prémontré and Xanten will both be 11.5 month leases. There are 12, two-bedroom apartments (four residents) per building and 15, one-bedroom apartments (two residents) per building. Prémontré and Xanten will also be host to the upperclass housing coordinator, who oversees the building operations.

Costs for Prémontré and Xanten will be in three payment terms: summer, fall and spring.


  • Dishwasher, garbage disposal and built-in microwave
  • Gas fireplace and living room ceiling fan
  • Living room couch, chair, coffee table and kitchen stools
  • Bed (can be lofted), mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser, built-in closet
  • Wireless internet access
  • Digital/HD cable TV service
  • Air conditioning
  • Open-concept living/dining/kitchen
  • Laundry room on each floor

About the Apartments
Single bedroom apartments (two residents) are approximately 580 square feet. The bedroom off of the main room is adjacent to a hall closet and the restroom (full shower/bath). The kitchen has an open concept with counter space open to the living area.

Two bedroom apartments (four residents) are approximately 1,136 square feet. The bedrooms are located next to each other, one is off of the main living space and one is adjacent to a hall closet and restroom (full shower/bath). The kitchen has a floating island with an open concept, counter space is available to the kitchen and living space.

Residents should become familiar with the Prémontré and Xanten Hall living guidelines.

These halls are staffed by an upperclass housing coordinator