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Loft Policy and Rental Information

General Information

The St. Norbert College Office of Residential Education and Housing has teamed up with College Products to bring students, their families, and friends a simple solution to getting as much space out of their room as possible! (First Year Students: be sure to check out the Loft Demonstration at the resource fair). Available as single bed lofts, these lofts can be modified into the "L-shaped" design that is popular in several buildings on campus (check out the several different lofting possibilities for Underclassmen Halls).  Keep in mind not all students need lofts. But be sure to discuss with your roommate any plans for lofting prior to moving in. No tools are required to assemble a loft.  If you and your roommate plan on doing an L style, please note that you both need to order a regular loft, and then one roommate also adds on the L loft to their order.

To access the  St. Norbert College portion of the College Products web page, please follow the link.

More information will be distributed in housing assignment letters and at orientation. Also watch for futon purchase information! If you have questions during the academic year, please email us at

Loft instructional videos 

Need help setting up your loft?  Take a look at our loft demonstration videos (Please note that Sensenbrenner no longer has these rental lofts, but instead has permanent lofts. Possible layouts can be found here). :

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Loft FAQ

How much does a loft cost?
A regular loft costs $145.00 not including tax and an L loft will cost the $145.00, plus an additional $17.50, not including tax.

If my roommate and I want to do the L loft, do we both need to rent a loft?
Yes, you both need to purchase regular lofts and then one of you will add on the L loft.  In other words, one roommate will pay $145.00 for a regular loft and another will pay $162.50 for the regular loft, plus the L attachment.

I will be living in Burke/Sensenbrenner, do I need to rent a loft?
No, Burke and Sensenbrenner Halls come pre-lofted.

I want to cancel my order, what do I need to do?
First, you can go to College Products' website. Then, you need to contact them to let them know you wish to cancel your order.  After you have canceled your order, simply contact your RA or to return your loft to the correct storage room. If you wish to cancel your order during the school year, contact the Loft Coordinator for information about a Cancellation Form and proper return procedures. Please check out these Loft Return Policies for specifics regarding your situation.

I am switching rooms, what do I do with my loft?
If you are switching rooms and plan on switching lofts with someone else, please contact College Products and let them know about the switch.  Any loft improperly returned at the end of the year will result in a $100.00 fine, so please make sure to contact the company if you switch lofts with someone so that you don't get charged.

St. Norbert College Loft/Bunk Policy

The Department of Residential Education and Housing is committed to creating a safe environment for students living in college-owned housing. Personal loft and bunk structures, including homemade and those purchased from a retailer, present safety concerns due to the variety of materials and construction procedures.  Only loft and bunk structures that are provided by the College or rented through College Products will be permitted in College-owned housing.

Specific components of the Loft/Bunk Policy are as follows:

1.  A statement indicating that the college is not responsible for any injury to persons or property resulting from structural failure and use of the loft/bunk must be completed and signed by the residents.  Forms are available during check-in from the Hall Director.

2.   The loft may not be secured to the walls, floor, ceiling, or any college-owned furniture (this includes the bed).

3.  Decks are not permitted.  Students may not have a structure in which they are sleeping under a surface upon which furniture is placed.

4.  Beds may not be stacked on desks, dressers, or any other furniture.

5.  All college furniture must remain in the room to which it is assigned.  Storage is not provided for any part of the bed or for room furnishings.

6.  Each bed frame provided by St. Norbert College is made to fit into the College Products structures.

7.  Lofts may not be stored in hallways, stairwells, or other public areas.

8.  All lofts must be disassembled and returned by the Thursday of finals week during spring semester.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.

9.  There is a $100.00 fine and/or disciplinary action for any violation of these guidelines.  This includes failure to properly remove or dismantle a loft structure upon withdrawal from college housing.  Failure to make necessary modifications within the allotted time period as recommended by an REH staff member who inspects the loft results in immediate removal of the loft by the loft owner.

 * The college takes no responsibility for the student's safety while the lofts are in the room; however, the right to inspect all student loft/bunks is reserved.

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