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Fr. Eugene E. Gries, O.Praem., Residence Hall

View from the North
View of the new apartment facility from the intersection of Third and Marsh Streets looking west.

Gries Cell Phone Information

Students interested in applying for Gries Hall for the 2010-2011 academic year should note that there are some cell phone providers that have better reception in the building than others.

Residential Education and Housing surveyed Gries Hall residents in Fall 2009 concerning their cell phone usage while in the building. From that survey, 65% of the residents responded. As a result, it was determined that phones provided by Cellcom and U.S. Cellular are less likely to have reception problems throughout the building. Phones using AT&T, Sprint and Verizon/Alltel services are more likely to have difficulty with reception in the building.

We hope your living experience in Gries Hall meets your expectations. Therefore, we wanted to provide potential residents with proper and accurate feedback as Gries' pilot year comes to a conclusion.

Remember, applications are due in the REH Office at 12:00 noon on March 30, 2010. If you have additional questions, please contact

About Gries Hall

The new, three-story, residential apartment facility is complete! Located across from the Schuldes Sports Center, on Third Street, Gries Hall is now open as an upperclassmen summer and academic year housing option.

The 59,000-square-foot facility, featuring a brick and stone exterior, is designed to provide senior students with a transitional living experience that bridges the gap between traditional campus living and what they might expect in their first residence after graduation. Among its amenities are:

• a first-floor common area and lounge.
• a second-floor fitness center.
• a second-floor laundry room and study area.
• a third-floor reflection area.

The building is wheelchair accessible and is home to a Resident Education and Housing Apartment Manager, living in an apartment on the third floor.

Students choosing the new apartment building as their living option will sign 11.5-month leases that run from June through graduation in May. Senior student groups will receive preference but senior-junior mixes and junior groups may apply for apartments if space allows.

View of the back
Back view of the new apartment facility from the Southeast corner.
Features and amenities:
• Three-story masonry structure
• 36 apartments
• Four single-occupancy bedrooms per unit
• Total occupancy of 144 students
• Fully furnished
• Open-concept kitchen/dining/living area
• Storage room in each unit
• Air conditioning
• Forced air, hot-water heat
• Wireless internet
• Cable television
• Wheelchair accessible
• Utilities included

Floor plans

The apartments of the new facility are configured according to one of the two floor plans below. Click on the image for an expanded view of each floor plan.

Living in the new residential apartments

Who can apply for residency in the new apartments?
The new apartments are an upper-class living option. Priority will be given to groups of seniors and juniors who are interested in 11.5 month leases.

How do I apply to live in the new apartments?
Seniors and juniors indicating a desire to live in the new apartments will be able to apply for residency in February. Assignments will be based on class standing and housing lottery numbers. The top 36 groups will be granted residency in the new apartments.

Gries Hall is located at...

Gries Hall
620 Third Street
De Pere, WI 54115

Department of Residential Education and Housing

Phone: (920) 403-3360
Fax: (920) 403-3361

St. Norbert College • 100 Grant Street • De Pere, WI 54115-2099 • 920-337-3181