Through studies in the IBLAS major, you’ll develop effective communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills, plus an understanding of ethical issues.

International Business & Language Area Studies Course Offerings

IBLS 262 / BUAD 262 Introduction to International Business
This is a required course for IBLAS majors, normally taken during the sophomore year. The course will introduce students to the international business environment including the political, social, economic and cultural dimensions of foreign countries, before they study abroad. Other topics include structures and systems for operating in foreign markets, international marketing strategies, and international trade theories. Students are also expected to participate in the operation of Discoveries International, a not-for-profit corporation on campus managed by IBLAS majors. Prerequisite: sophomore standing, IBLAS major or instructor’s consent. Fall semester.

IBLS 362 Study Abroad: History Elective
Designation used to indicate that an appropriate course taken during study abroad fulfills the IBLAS history requirement.

IBLS 468 and IBLS 469 / BUAD 468 and BUAD 469 Senior Seminar 1 and 2 (two semesters)
These two capstone courses, required for all senior IBLAS majors, attempt to integrate the knowledge and skills derived from prerequisite courses in business, language, political science, economics and mathematics. The course format includes lectures, case analyses, discussions, presentations by students, guest speakers, panel discussions, field trips, visits to conferences and hands-on responsibility for the student-run import retailing operation, Discoveries International. Prerequisite: senior IBLAS major, global business concentration, or instructor’s consent. BUAD 468 / IBLS 468 is a prerequisite for BUAD 469 / IBLS 469.