Through studies in the IBLAS major, you’ll develop effective communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills, plus an understanding of ethical issues.

International Business & Language Area Studies Major Requirements

Business administration and economics core (56 credits)
  • ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics
  • BUAD 142 Computer Applications in Business
  • BUAD 210 Business Ethics (2 credits)
  • BUAD 231 Introduction to Organizational Behavior (2 credits)
  • BUAD 232 Introduction to Human Resource Management (2 credits)
  • BUAD 233 Introduction to Supply Chain Management (2 credits)
  • BUAD 262 Introduction to International Business (to be taken sophomore year, fall semester)
  • BUAD 270 Marketing Concepts and Issues
  • BUAD 284 Statistics for Business and Economics
  • BUAD 350 Corporate Finance
  • BUAD 390 Business Law
  • BUAD 468 Senior Seminar in International Business and Language Area Studies 1
  • BUAD 469 Senior Seminar in International Business and Language Area Studies 2
Modern languages and literatures (16 credits)
  • Four courses beyond the 203 level to include: FREN / GERM / JAPN 204 and 375, plus two language electives. SPAN 204, 300, and either SPAN 365, 370 or 375, plus one language elective.
International economics and finance (4 credits) 
May be an appropriate course taken during the semester of study abroad.
  • ECON 375 Growth, Development and International Trade
  • ECON 376 International Trade
  • ECON 377 International Finance and Monetary Economics
  • ECON 390 Monetary Theory and Policy
  • BUAD 352 Financial Institutions and Markets
International studies (4 credits)
  • INTL 150 Introduction to International Studies (Core: BB)
Mathematics (4 credits)
  • MATH 128 Introductory Statistics for Business
History (4 credits)
  • An appropriate history course must be taken during the semester of overseas study (not required for international students who do not study abroad).
International students only
  • Four courses taken in lieu of the modern languages and literatures requirement.
International students should consult with the director of the IBLAS program in their freshman year to discuss their specific course requirements. International students must take four courses from the following list to become more familiar with American culture. International students are not required to study abroad. Alternatively, international students could choose a modern language, different from their native language, and study abroad in a country where their target language is spoken. In these cases, international students’ curricular requirements are identical to U.S. students.

One of the following:
  • ENGL 235 Survey of U.S. Literature 1
  • ENGL 236 Survey of U.S. Literature 2
One of the following:
  • AMER / HIST 114 History of the United States 1 
  • AMER / HIST 115 History of the United States 2 
  • AMER / POLI 130 U.S. Politics and Government 
Two of the following courses:
  • AMER / RELS 221 Religion in America
  • AMER 261 Introduction to American Studies 
  • AMER 289 Special Topics
  • AMER / PHIL 305 American Philosophy 
  • AMER / POLI 317 American Political Thought