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E-mail programs

SNC Email & Calendar, hosted by Google:  A cloud-based email and calendaring system hosted by Google is the College's e-mail and calendar system, which combines e-mail, calendars, contacts, and other tools in an integrated system. For more information and links to instructions, see the SNC Email & Calendar, hosted by Google. To log in to email, go to

Other programs: No other e-mail programs are supported at this time, but if you choose to use one, the information you will need to configure it properly can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions.

E-mail policies

E-mail is considered an official method of communication at St. Norbert College. Employees and students are expected to check their St. Norbert College e-mail on a frequent and consistent basis in order to remain informed of College-related communications. Individuals are responsible for the consequences of not reading College-related communications sent to their official St. Norbert College e-mail account in a timely fashion. For details, see:


To change your password or activate your account, see the Computer Account Management page.

Spam (junk e-mail)

SNC Email Hosted, by Google manages spam filter.  Note that this system will reduce the amount of spam you receive, but no system can block 100% of all spam.  Spam email messages are located in the label named Spam.

Phishing (e-mail scams)

"Phishing" refers to e-mail messages designed to get you to reveal your personal information so they can access your accounts and steal your identity. For more information about phishing attacks, see our phishing page.

Mailing lists

St. Norbert College operates many e-mail lists. Some of these lists are automated, that is, created on the basis of a defined group, such as those registered for a particular course, those with access to a campus system, etc., while others are voluntary. For more information, see the Mailing Lists page.

Department/organization e-mail addresses

Each College department or organization has an e-mail address which is used as a primary departmental contact, e.g., or These addresses are used on web sites, as well as on letterhead and other materials. Email sent to these addresses arrive in a delegated account listed below the user's account name. 

To request a new departmental address, please use the " Dept/Group E-mail Request" link on mySNC.

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