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New Employee Computer Information

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The following information is to help make the transition to your new job here as smooth as possible. Included are references to some of our other documents that you may find useful as you begin using our systems. Many more documents on various technology topics are available in our documents area. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Computer Accounts

Your campus network/e-mail account will be created after the HR department puts your information into the College administrative system, which will happen after HR receives your new hire paperwork sent to you in your welcome packet. Before using your account for the first time, you will need to activate it by going to the Computer Account Management page ( and clicking on “Activate your account.” There you will receive your login ID and e-mail address, and will choose an initial password (passwords expire every 6 months). If you would like assistance setting up your account, contact the Informaiton Technology Services Desk at 920-403-4040. For more information about computer accounts and passwords, see the handout Computer Accounts & Passwords.


College e-mail addresses are in the format or (if you have a nickname in your College records, the nickname will be used). For example, Donald Duck’s e-mail address at SNC would be or, if he used Don as his nickname, Again, you will receive your e-mail address when you activate your account through the Computer Account Management page.

The College uses the SNC Email Hosted, by Google,, that combines e-mail, calendars, contracts, drive, docs and other tools into an integrated system. Your log in/username is your  email address. For more information on this system, including detailed instructions, reference SNC Email Hosted, by Google.

Email Lists

St. Norbert College operates many e-mail lists. Some of these lists are automated, that is, created on the basis of a defined group, such as those with a particular employment status, those with access to a campus system, etc., while others are voluntary discussion lists on various topics related to the campus community. Your colleagues will most likely let you know if you should be a member of any of these voluntary lists. More information and links to detailed instructions can be found on the Mailing Lists page.

For instructors, the College maintains an automated e-mail list for each SNC course. These lists are a convenient way to communicate with your classes via e-mail.


KnightLine is used for viewing your payroll records, submitting hours, viewing personal information, and more. You log in to KnightLine with your 9-digit SNC ID number. To log in to KnightLine, go to

Your initial KnightLine password should be sent to your SNC e-mail account. If you do not receive it, contact the ITS Service Desk. The initial password will expire immediately upon entry and then you will need to create a new personal password. Note that your KnightLine password is independent of all other systems.

Trouble logging in to KnightLine? If KnightLine says that your account is disabled, it will automatically reset your password and e-mail you a new temporary password. If your password has not yet been reset and you would like it to be, contact the ITS Service Desk with your SNC ID number and full name.


All users are responsible for using the College’s computing and network resources in an appropriate manner. For details, see the Policies area of our documents collection.


Technology Support Services provides a standard set of supported software programs on your office computer, including the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and the Firefox web browser. Additional Windows software can be installed from the Network Software folder under Start - (All) Programs - Network Software. Campus computer labs have some additional software packages available only in the labs. 

Network file storage

Your personal storage space on the College network is called your M: drive (“Users” on the Macintosh). This drive provides secure storage accessible only to you, and is backed up nightly. We strongly recommend storing your important personal files on your M: drive. You may also store files on your computer's hard drive, but be aware that they are not backed up unless you do so yourself.

Google Drive is part of the email and calendar services hosted by Google. This tool is a cloud based storage system that can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet, as well as mobile devices, and tablets. Google Drive is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. You can access your school files from home, or anywhere in the world. Security of your Drive is a top priority of Google. Your files are protected by permissions and your login information based within Google Drive, set by the user.  More information can be found at SNC Email and Calendar, hosted by Google

Most departments have a folder on the J: drive (called "Departments" on the Macintosh) for storing departmental files. If you require access to one of these folders, your supervisor will need to request it from the ITS Service Desk.

Computer Labs

Information Technology Services operates computer labs in Cofrin Hall, the Bemis International Center, JMS, the Bush Art Center, and the Mulva Library. These labs have approximately 200 computers, both  Windows and Macintosh, resulting in approximately a 10 to 1 student to computer ratio. All computers are connected to the campus network, which provides access to the Internet, campus servers, and network storage. All labs include laser printers, and some also house special-purpose equipment and software for various courses. Some labs are used as classrooms. If you need to hold a class in a computer lab on a permanent basis, contact the Registrar

Scantron Tests

Multiple-choice tests can be scanned at the Union Information Desk.

Campus Systems & Resources

As a new employee, you may find this list of campus computer systems and resources helpful.

Information Technology Services Desk

The Information Technology Services Desk is a central point of contact for computing help on campus. Please direct all computing questions to the ITS Service Desk. Calling the ITS Service Desk is the quickest way to receive a response.


Snoodle is the SNC Learning Management System. The Faculty SNoodle Quick Start Guide is located here.

Information Technology Services

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