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Temporary Residents Internet Service Registration Form

Internet Service Fee: $25.00/month (prorated @ $0.84 per day for partial months)

*E-mail address:
*St. Norbert College Residence Hall building and room #:
*Phone number:
Alternate Phone number:
*Activation/Arrival Date:
*Deactivation/Departure Date:
*Ethernet Address 1: (see note below)
Ethernet Address 2:
Ethernet Address 3:
Ethernet Address 4:
Note: Ethernet addresses, also known as MAC, adapter, physical, or hardware addresses, are 12 digits long and contain only the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. You must provide the unique address of each computer or device you wish to connect to the SNC wireless network. You will probably to look in the device's settings to find its address. These addresses are usually printed with colons or hyphens between each pair of numbers (e.g., 00:AB:56:5F:88:0C or 00-AB-56-5F-88-0C), but you do not need to include the punctuation or capitalization here (e.g., 00ab565f880c).
 By checking this box you agree to adhere to all St. Norbert College computing policies and guidelines while connected to the St. Norbert College computer network, and to pay the stated fee of $25.00/month.


Information Technology Services

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