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Computer Accounts and Passwords

To ensure security, everyone using computers at St. Norbert College must have one or more computer accounts. These accounts allow the ITS department to provide individuals with access to resources such as software and disk storage. All accounts on the campus network are administered by the ITS department and are free to all College employees and students. Your accounts will be created before you attend orientation (students), or after your information is put into the College administrative system (employees). Before you use your accounts for the first time, you will need to activate your account (instructions below). If you would like assistance activating your account, come to the Information Technology Services Service Desk in the Mulva Library. 

Caution: Do not fall for e-mail scams asking for your information! No one who works at St. Norbert College will ever ask for your password, and we never send e-mail asking for personal information. Please see our phishing page for more information.


Campus Network  |  SNC Email Hosted, by Google/E-mail  |  Knightline  |  Banner  |  Activating a new network/e-mail account   |  Passwords

Campus network (all users)

This account permits you to access the College computer network, shared network storage, and SNC-only web pages. This is the first account you will encounter when you turn on a computer on the network.

Login ID: Your login ID for the campus network is usually the first 4 letters of your last name followed by your first and middle initials (e.g., Donald F. Duck’s login ID would be duckdf). You will receive your login ID when you activate your account (below).

Password: You use the same password for logging in to the network and for your e-mail. You will set your initial password when you activate your account (below). These passwords expire every 6 months. You will be notified via e-mail when it’s time to change it. You may change your password at any time from the Computer Account Management page (

SNC Email Hosted, by Google/E-mail (all users) 

SNC Email Hosted, by Google combines e-mail, calendars, contacts, and other tools in an integrated system. All College computer users have this account.

To log in to SNC Email Hosted, by Google go to

Username: Your username is your (e.g., You will receive your username when you activate your account (below).

Password: Your password is the same as your network password (described above). You will set your initial password when you activate your account

E-mail address: Your e-mail address is or, if you have a nickname in your College records, (e.g., Donald Duck’s e-mail address would be or You will receive your e-mail address when you activate your account. 

KnightLine (faculty and students) 

KnightLine is used for course registration, student/personnel information, and more.

Login: Log in to KnightLine using your 9-digit SNC ID number from your ID card (put zeros before the numbers to make it 9 digits).

Password: Your KnightLine password is independent of all other systems. You should receive your initial KnightLine password via e-mail; if you do not contact the ITS Service Desk.

Banner administrative system (some faculty and staff)

Banner is the College’s administrative information system. If you need Banner access, your supervisor must contact the IT department and indicate which specific items you need access to.

Login ID: Your login ID for Banner is the same as for the campus network (above).

Password: Your Banner password is independent of all other systems. You will be given your Banner password when your account is established. For instructions on changing your Banner password, go to the CWIS web site,, and look under “Documentation - CWIS Support.” 

Activating a new network/e-mail account (all users)

1. Go to the Computer Account Management page at

2. Click the “Activate your account” link. 

3. Enter the requested information where indicated and click the Submit button.

4. You will be given your network login ID and e-mail address. Make note of these. *If the system says that it can’t find your information, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

5. In each of the “New password” boxes, enter a password of your choosing. Passwords should be 8-12 characters and must contain at least one letter and one number. See below for choosing a secure password and following good password security practices.

6. Click the Change Password button. 

Passwords (all users)

Why passwords matter 

You may not care if someone gets into your account, but we do, because a breach of any account on our network can threaten the entire network. Network security is a serious issue because of the large amount of personal data stored on our systems. Not only could a person who gets into your account harm you, they could also harm our systems and other SNC users. Don’t let your account be the one that jeopardizes the security of the entire network! If your account is used to commit a security breach, you will be held responsible. It is essential that every user assist us in protecting the College’s computing resources by choosing secure passwords and following good password security practices.

Choosing a password 

Remember, if you don’t use good passwords, someone could use your account and breach our system, putting you, our systems, and other SNC users at risk. Computer hackers use very sophisticated techniques and automated tools to crack passwords; the easier a password is to guess, the faster a hacker can break in.

  • Don’t use any word that can be found in any dictionary, in any language.
  • Never use your name or your login ID/username, even if you add additional characters to it.
  • Don’t use personal information such as your phone number, birthday, or family member’s/pet’s name.
  • Don’t use consecutive letters or numbers (123456), a series of adjacent keyboard keys (asdfgh), or the same repeated character (555555, hhhggg).
  • Use at least 3 of the 4 different character types: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters (*, $, &). Put the numbers in the middle, not just at the beginning or end.
  • Passwords should be at least 6 characters long, preferably 8 or more (different systems may have different length requirements). The longer they are, the more secure they are.
  • Choose a password that’s easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. Get creative! Try combining words together and mix it up with numbers & symbols, or take a phrase or song lyric and use the first letter of each word. Don’t just substitute numbers in place of similar-looking letters to form a regular word like “sch001” – that’s too easy to guess.

Password security practices

Never share your password with anyone else. Permitting another person to use your SNC computer account/password or using another person’s account/password are strictly prohibited (in violation of the Appropriate Use Policy) and can result in losing your account or other disciplinary action.

  • Don’t use the same password for multiple computer accounts. Use a different password for each one.
  • Don’t reuse old passwords or make only slight variations (like just adding a different number to it).  
  • Never write down your passwords or use the “Remember password” feature of your web/e-mail program.

Information Technology Services

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