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Effective Email Communication

1. Treat your email as public record

  • Remember your email is not private

  • If you wouldn't want to see it in print, do not write it

2. Include the right people on the message

  • Send "To" only the people who need to see the message

  • Use "Cc" for people who need to read the email as an FYI

  • Familiarize yourself with the school norms for email usage

3. Write a clear subject line

  • Summarize the email in the subject line

  • Do not include links in subject lines. Links in a subject line cannot be clicked on to open.

  • Start a new subject line when the conversation shifts. Change the subject in Google Gmail

  • Use the Vacation Responder when out of the office and checkbox "Only send a response to people in St. Norbert College"

4. Keep your messages professional.

  • Don't write in CAPITAL LETTERS

  • Don't write in Red Font 

  • Don't bold the message

  • Don't use large font for the whole message

  • Avoid abbreviations, emoticons, slang, or very casual tone

  • Don't forward jokes, chain letters, or solicitations

5. "Reply to all" with caution

  • Only send the email to the people that need the information

  • You reduce the emails you receive if you limit who you send a message to

  • Avoid sending one-line responses such as "Thanks" or "Ok" to a group

6. Respond within a reasonable time

  • Create a system for staying up to date with your email

  • If you are not able to respond right away, provide the sender an estimate of when you will reply and add a reminder to your calendar

7.  Keep your messages concise

  • Make messages short and to the point

  • Put deadlines and actions items at the beginning

  • Create links to documents

  • Summarize information in long email threads
  • If your attachment is a simple document containing only text, consider placing the text in the body of the message instead

8.   Proofread

  • Re-read important emails before sending

  • Verify the "To" and "Cc" list

  • Verify the subject

  • Do not send an email when you are upset. Wait until you are calm

  • Is the tone of your message meeting the intention

9.  Know when email is not the right tool

  • Don't use email for sensitive matters. Arrange a face to face meeting

  • If the email thread becomes lengthly or confusing, take the conversation offline 

10. Use a Signature

  • Include your full name and contact information in your email signature

  • Keep to four (4) or five (5) lines

Getting Help
If you need assistance with your SNC e-mail or calendar, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 920-403-4040.


Information Technology Services

Phone: (920) 403-4040
Fax: (920) 403-4084

St. Norbert College • 100 Grant Street • De Pere, WI 54115-2099 • 920-337-3181