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Student copying and printing

St. Norbert College's approach to managing student printing and copying supports its efforts to be environmentally responsible, as well as helping reduce costs. This approach was developed after reviewing alternatives, observing what other colleges and universities have done, and visiting with the Student Government Association in open sessions with students.

Each full-time student is given a $14.00 print/copy allowance each semester. This is equivalent to 350 black and white pages of print or copy output. This allowance is reduced by $0.04 for each black and white page and $0.12 for each color page. If the entire allowance is used, any additional printing or copying is billed to the student at the same per-page rates.

Students are able to track online how much they have printed and copied via a link on the mySNC web site. Before each print job, students see the number of pages and cost of the current job.

The purpose of this program is not to institute a new fee or generate additional revenue, but to reduce the college's impact on the earth's environment and resources by making everyone more conscious of their use of printing and copying. The college has installed more efficient print and copy equipment that reduces power consumption and paper usage and enable us to better manage printing and copying. This equipment also has the ability to scan printed materials into PDF files and e-mail them.

Some important points about this program:

  • Multifunction printers in the library and the copy center permit the scanning of print material into PDF format and e-mailing it at no cost.
  • Students employed by the college will charge work-related printing/copying to their department.
  • Students are not charged - or are reimbursed - for any failed prints or copies.
  • Print/copy allowances will be prorated for part-time students and those in summer and January sessions. Graduate students will be treated as full-time students in regard to the print/copy allowance.
  • The charge for exceeding the print/copy allowance is added to each student's accounts receivable balance at the end of each term.
  • Print/copy allowances are reset at the beginning of each term.
  • Cash may be used for copying at both the library and copy center.
  • Custom cash may be used for copying at the copy center.

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Account questions

For questions about individual printing accounts & refunds, contact ITS Service Desk, 920-403-4040.

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