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Printing Tips for Students

St. Norbert College's approach to managing student printing and copying supports its efforts to be environmentally responsible, as well as helping reduce costs. The following is information to help students understand and work with this system.

Tips for managing your print/copy allowance

  • Pay attention to the Print Assistant pop-ups to confirm how many pages will be printed before clicking "Accept"! The purpose of those pop-ups is to help you avoid unnecessary or erroneous printing.
  • Optimize your printing to save paper, e.g.:
    • Print PowerPoint as handouts instead of full-page slides. In the print dialog box, under "Print what," choose Handouts. The default is 6 slides per page, but you can change it to 3 if you want more room to write notes, or 9 if you want to fit more slides on each page (if you do 9, change the page orientation to landscape). 
      Also, depending upon the formatting of the presentation, you may need to change the "Color/grayscale" box to Grayscale or Pure Black and White. If you're not sure, you can experiment with the options in the Print Preview to see how it will look.
    • Print on both sides of the paper (duplex) on printers that support this. Again, each printer is different, so you may need to look around to find the options.
  • If you don’t really need a paper copy of something, save it as a PDF instead.
  • The multi-function (MFP) print/copy/scan machines in the Copy Center and Library allow you to scan printed materials into PDF files and e-mail them to yourself instead of making photocopies.

Your print account balance

mysnc balance screen
  1. Go to mySNC ( and log in.
  2. On the User menu on the right side, you will see a “Print/Copy Allowance” box like that shown here.
  3. To see a detailed statement of the last 30 days on your account, click the Account Details link. If you see any certificate security warnings, click past them or add the exception.
  4. Log in using your regular network/e-mail login ID and password to see your balance.
  5. Choose “Statement” to see detailed print activity.
Note that if you exceed your quota, your print allowance will go negative, and at the end of the semester your tuition account will be billed for the amount you printed in excess of your allowance.You do not need to add money to your account.

Account questions

For questions about print accounts, contact the ITS Service Desk 920-403-4040.

Other resources

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