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Using images on web pages

Images have to be uploaded to Cascade Server before you can use them on a page. Put all image files in your “images” folder, which already exists. If you have more than a few images, we recommend creating subfolders inside of the “images” folder to better organize your image files. Create the needed subfolders before uploading the images.

Guidelines for proper image use

  • Always make images the size you need them to be before inserting them on a page. Never resize an image after it has been put on a page (by dragging the corners to make it larger or smaller).
  • Only .gif and .jpg files should be used on web pages. Do not upload any other types of image files.
  • Name all image files properly. Just like other web files & folders, they should contain only lower case letters and numbers, no spaces, and have the proper lower-case file extensions (.gif or .jpg).
  • Do not distort or stretch images. When resizing, make sure to do so proportionally (usually by dragging only the corners or making sure the “Constrain proportions” option is selected).

Pictures of staff & faculty for profile pages

All staff/faculty photos are centrally located in Cascade Server, outside of your department folder. Staff/faculty photos and profile pages are standardized in size and format, and are created by the Office of Communications. If you need staff photos taken, sized, or added to profile pages, contact the Office of Communications.

Editing Images 

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance in making your images look their best. It can be a complicated process that can benefit from the experience of those who work with images regularly. The Office of Communications will edit images for you and prepare them properly for the web.

For information on using the built-in image editor in Cascade, see the handout Image Editing & PDF Files in Cascade Server.

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