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Non-WordPress Professional Web Sites

Below is some general information about creating and maintaining professional web sites without WordPress, for those who still like to create their sites "the old fashioned way."

Overview of the web development process

  1. Plan and design your web pages: Spending some time planning at the outset can save you a great deal of time later, when you change and update things. Review Planning and Designing Web Pages before you begin.

  2. Create your web pages: This includes writing the original content of your pages along with the necessary HTML code to make them into web pages. See Creating Web Pages for more information.

  3. Preview your web pages: Review your web pages on your computer before transferring them to the web server. See Previewing Web Pages for more information.

  4. Transfer your pages to the web server: Once your web pages are created, transfer them to your directory on the home page server. Be sure to put the files in the "public_html" folder, not the "home" folder (you need to open the "public_html" folder first). For instructions on transferring files, see Transferring Files to the Professional Home Page Server: Windows or Transferring Files to the Professional Home Page Server: Mac.

  5. Test your web pages: After transferring your pages to the server, check the formatting and links and correct any errors. See Testing Web Pages for more information.

Note: These instructions pertain only to creating Faculty Professional Pages. All other SNC department/organization web sites are being maintained using Cascade Server, the College's content management system (CMS).

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