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Email Accounts

Our individual email accounts are hosted by G Suite for Education. Email is accessible from anywhere in the world via the web or by Google's mobile apps for Android or iOS.

You can change your password via the Computer Account Management page. Additional information about email as part of our G Suite accounts is available on our Accounts web page.

Department/Organization Email Accounts

In addition to our individual email accounts, email addresses are also assigned to many departments and groups on campus for general use, making it easy for people to reach someone in an area where an individual name may not be known. Faculty and staff can request that a new email account be created for their department or organization by sending an email to the Service Desk.

Access to maintain a department/organization email account is delegated to one or more people in that area. Delegates are able to see the Inbox and send/receive email from that address.

Email Lists

In addition to our standard email accounts, we also have many email lists available for our use. The groups of people using each list vary significantly, including student organizations, housing groups, classrooms, and committees. Faculty and staff can request that a new discussion email list be created by submitting this form:

We have several types of email lists:

Additional resources:

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