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“Living Within the Universe Story”

Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015
7 p.m. Lecture 
Fort Howard Theater, Bemis International Center

To address the 2014–2015 Killeen Lecture series theme “Science and Religion,” Professor Mary Evelyn Tucker invites her audience to consider the relationship human beings have to the whole of the universe, and encourages them to take active responsibility for its care.  

At Yale University, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Ph.D. holds joint appointments in School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and the Divinity School and the Department of Religious Studies. She was trained at Columbia University in the study of Asian Religions, and after years of academic research and writing on the Confucian tradition, she was drawn to explore the relationship between the world religions and ecology more deeply.  This work grows out of her abiding concern for the environmental crisis.  She organized a series of conferences through Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions, and edited several volumes of essays addressing the topic.  These conferences led to the founding of the Forum on Religion and Ecology (housed today at Yale), which aims to place religion in dialogue with other disciplines in order to shape environmental policy and address environmental problems at both global and local levels. 

Dr. Tucker has edited and authored many books, including Worldly Wonder: Religions Enter Their Ecological Phase (Open Court Press, 2003), Ecology and Religion, authored with John Grim (Island Press, 2014). She also co-created a multi-media project called Journey of the Universe. This project includes accessible curricular resources as well as an award-winning film, which tells the universe’s story by integrating contemporary scientific discoveries with humanistic insights. 

You may search the Mulva Library catalog for a selection of books available by Mary Evelyn Tucker. Books are also available to purchase after the lecture and at the St. Norbert College bookstore.