The F. K. Bemis International Center is the hub of all international activity on campus, and is home to Language Services & Community Outreach.

Community Outreach & Language Services

It’s astonishing how many languages and cultures are represented in Northeast Wisconsin. Nowhere is that more vividly illustrated than in our Language Services programming. More than 50 languages are translated, interpreted, taught, and celebrated here, and we invite our community to partake.

Whether you’re looking to enrich your own language and cultural skills, or your business’s, look to St. Norbert Language Services for a fulfilling experience.

Adult Non-Credit Language Courses
Looking to refresh your foreign language skills? Or maybe you’re looking to explore a new language. Whatever your goals, our adult non-credit classes are a great way to start.

Culture & Heritage Workshops
At Language Services, we’re deeply engaged in the study of languages and cultures. Immerse yourself in an exploration of your own heritage, or an entirely new one.

Cooking Classes
Want to experience the flavor of another culture … literally? Our highly popular cooking classes offer you a delicious introduction to world cuisines.

Translating & Interpreting Services
Language Services helps businesses and individuals throughout northeast Wisconsin connect and communicate globally through expert interpretation and translation.

Customized Language & Culture Training for Businesses
New business in new countries means new challenges. We can help acclimate your team to the language, customs and culture of your global business partners.