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Fresh Italian Pasta

"La Cucina Tradizionale Italiana" - a short trip through the traditional Italian flavors

Fresh Italian Pasta
Tagliatelle, pappardelle, lasagne and ravioli are ever present on Italian Sundays lunch tables. Let's learn how to perfectly prepare them together.

In all of the Italian cooking classes, you'll receive suggestions on where to find fresh ingredients in accordance with seasons, and genuine information about Italian cuisine tradition. At the end of each class, we will eat together. The best part!

Instructor: Paola Vianello
Paola Vianello was born in Mondovi’, Cuneo, Italy. She lived in Rome for 18 years, and graduated from the Liceo Classico P.Albertelli. She studied Sports Sciences at ISEF in Florence, got married in 1984, and moved to Genoa where she attended the School of Photography of Giuliana Traverso. She worked as printer for professional black and white photographers for two years.

In 1994, she won a competition to attend courses to become interior and exterior decorator. After having successfully completed the course, she established a female company of decorators, and worked seven years in Italy, Spain and France. She has two children, 23 and 20 years old, and has lived in De Pere for more than a year.

Paola's other courses on this culinary journey include:  Basic Italian Sauces, Preparing Italian Meats and "The Cakes" - Italian Desserts.

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