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Oneida: Ceremonies

People from all over the world have ceremonial songs and dances that are practice as a means to acknowledge and give thanks to the many aspects of the natural and spiritual world. The Iroquois have a number of ceremonies that follow the cycle of the seasons. Being agriculturalists as well as hunters and gatherers, the Iroquois have always been in tune to the natural world.

The first instructions’ given to the Iroquois ancestors were to be thankful for the many gifts that the Creator provided. People tend to forget and when that happens, things are taken for granted and there’s no longer a relationship with or compassion for the natural world. Stories of a time when this happened and chaos prevailed, will be shared.

The Creator exercised divine intervention and sent a messiah here to be born to provide order. These are the Four Sacred Rituals. This class will take you through the story of how the Four Sacred Rituals came to the Iroquois and the cycle of major ceremonies that they practice throughout the year as well as every day.

If this workshop is of interest to you, we are also offering workshops on Oneida The Creation Story on Jan. 25, 2014 and/or Oneida: "Great Law" on March 12, 2014.

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