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Peer into the College’s Past

Are you interested in college history, or would you like to see a photograph of your professor as a student? Make an appointment today to visit our archives and special collections area of the library, and see our ever expanding collection of college and Norbertine memories.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our collections of bobblehead dolls, Lloyd Alexander illustrations and Madeleine L’Engle materials.

Explore our digital collections of photos, yearbook images and manuscripts dating back to the settling of the area. 

What You’ll Find in Our Archives Collection

Special Classes

  • Collections of books, papers, photographs and documents relating to Norbertine history
  • Newspaper articles from 1900, including the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Green Bay News Chronicle and De Pere Journal
  • Some 700 “homemade” postcards
  • Various slides, audio tapes and phonorecords
  • Over 9,000 images dating back to 1898, many of which are available digitally on Recollection Wisconsin
Administrative Records
  • St. Norbert College publications
  • Documents from various faculty committees and administration
  • Student fee ledgers paid for attendance dates 1903-1940 from St. Norbert College and St. Norbert High School
Biographical Records
  • Manuscripts
  • General information of past presidents, faculty and students
  • Norbertine biographies
  • Information on past speakers and performers on campus
Academic Life
  • Study abroad trips
  • President’s report and honor roll of donors
  • Past Dean’s Lists
  • General information on ROTC at St. Norbert College, including Cadet Corps Newsletter
Student Life
  • Various information on clubs, Greek life, academic societies and organizations on campus
  • College yearbooks and catalogs, some of which are available digitally on Recollection Wisconsin
  • Green Knight sporting events and records
  • Musicals and plays
  • St. Norbert Times newspapers
  • St. Norbert College news releases
Buildings and Grounds
  • Blueprints and general information about campus buildings
  • Information on events that were held on campus

What You’ll Find in Our Special Collection

Confessions of Saint Augustine 
St. Norbert College Archives is the home to the Klimon Collection of editions of the “Confessions” by St. Augustine. The collection includes over 75 editions of the “Confessions” written in many different languages dating from the sixteenth century. St. Augustine was the fifth century bishop and doctor of the church whose rules St. Norbert adopted in 1121 after he founded the order.

Collection of Lloyd Alexander 
In August 2012, Robert Boyer (professor emeritus of English) donated his personal collection of Lloyd Alexander's published works. The collection also includes correspondence between Boyer and Alexander, including Christmas cards and letters. Lloyd Alexander had been a very successful author in young adult fantasy literature. His works include “Time Cat,” “The Chronicles of Prydain,” and “The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio”.

The Works of Thomas Jefferson
Under the supervision of Thomas Jefferson Randolph (Thomas Jefferson’s grandson), the federal government acquired the Virginia Records of The Work of Thomas Jefferson. The collection at St. Norbert College includes Volumes 1-10 of “The Works of Thomas Jefferson” collected and edited by Paul Leicester Ford.

Life and Times of George Washington
The St. Norbert College Archives is the home to two volumes of the “Life and Times of George Washington” written by John Frederick Schroeder and containing a particular account of national principals and events.

Collection of Madeleine L’Engle
L’Engle is most famous for her children's book, “A Wrinkle in Time,” written in 1962. It was awarded the 1963 Newberry Medal for Children’s Literature. Our collection has some of her other famous pieces including many that are autographed.

Collection of John Bennett
John Bennett (professor emeritus of English) is considered a great poet, teacher and writer. Bennett, a Melville Scholar, has published the two well-known books “Griefs and Exultations,” first published by the St. Norbert College Press, and “The Struck Leviathan: Poems on Moby Dick.”

Collection of Fr. Anselm Keefe
He was a priest, biologist, teacher, military chaplain and a dean. He provided almost 50 years of service to St. Norbert College, and was its dean from 1927-1941 and 1941-1946. In addition to his specimen collection in the college herbarium, Fr. Keefe collected rare botany books, which are housed in special collections. A collection of photographs archived digitally can be found on Recollection Wisconsin.