Our digital collection is comprised of images, music and artifacts from days gone by.

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Experience early Wisconsin history by perusing our growing digital collections.

Recollection Wisconsin
This collection provides digital access to cultural heritage resources that reside in institutions around the state. An ever-growing number of libraries, archives, museums and historical societies are providing digital photographs, manuscripts, books, articles, sound recordings, diaries, artwork and artifacts to the program. Currently, there are more than 55,000 such resources available through the portal. 

Norbertine Music
Visit the digital archive of music composed by the members of the Norbertine Order, including both liturgical and non-liturgical compositions. 

Letters of Father Adalbert Inama, O.Praem
Father Adalbert Inama, O.Praem. of Wilten Abbey was an important missionary priest in the 19th century in Wisconsin. His correspondence is a valuable and interesting source for the religious and cultural history of the people he served. 

Father Gartner
St. Norbert Abbey is the home of the collection of Father Gartner's letters and diaries of his missionary work, which he wrote while traveling throughout Wisconsin. The handwritten diaries are available through Recollection Wisconsin.  

F.G. Parmentier Music Collection
Francis Gordon Parmentier, composer and native of Green Bay, who attended St. Norbert College. Parmentier served in the military in France during World War II. After completing his military service, he attended the Sorbonne Conservatory of Music in Paris and received an advanced degree in music composition.

J.R.R. Tolkien Collection
The library has a collection of the personal correspondence between J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Boyer, professor emeritus of English.

Lloyd Alexander Collection
In August 2012, Robert Boyer, emeritus professor of English, donated his personal collection of Lloyd Alexander's published works. The collection also includes correspondence between Boyer and Alexander, including Christmas cards and letters. Lloyd Alexander had been a very successful author in young adult fantasy literature. His works include “Time Cat,” “Chronicles of Prydain,” and the “Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio.” 

St. Norbert College Artifacts
Also referred to as regalia, this special class of archival material consists of physical items used for celebratory occasions such as dedications of buildings or anniversary events. It also includes items produced by college departments to publicize their respective areas. 

St. Norbert College archives publications by Donald L. Pieters include:

Des Peres Yearbooks
The Des Peres yearbooks were compiled and published by the students of St. Norbert College from 1917-1966. They contain a record of activities of each scholastic year at St. Norbert College.

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