We are eager to partner with faculty members to help design course assignments, develop research guides and facilitate workshops.

Online Instructional Materials

Integrate information literacy instruction into your course by creating an online resource for students. Our e-learning options allow you to embed concepts in a way that students can access the material 24/7 at their convenience.

Course Research Guides
Working side-by-side with you, we can develop online course guides tailored to meet the unique needs of your class. These guides are most effective when combined with other modes of instruction, such as in-class workshops, and when accompanied by an “ask the librarian” forum in your SNoodle course page.

Course research guides can be designed to include:

  • Search tools for your students
  • Links to relevant materials and resources
  • Interactive tutorials for assessing research and information literacy skills

Sample course research page:

For help getting started, contact Anthony Sigismondi.

Interactive Tutorials
Assigning online tutorials before an in-class workshop is an excellent way to introduce your students to basic research skills and maximize their level of active learning in the classroom.

Tutorials can introduce students to the concepts and skills necessary for effective use of research resources that include:

Please contact Anthony Sigismondi if you have any questions on how to use these tutorials in your class.

Assessment Tools & Games
Whether you want students to practice new skills or review older concepts, the following games and learning modules provide a dynamic and interactive way to reinforce and assess students’ learning of various information literacy concepts.


Have an idea for an assessment tool or game you’d like to use with your research-related course components? Let Anthony Sigismondi explore the possibility with you.