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Plugged In

Our technology puts us and the entire campus community on the cutting edge of scholarship. And that means current, relevant information and dynamic learning opportunities for you.

Moving Forward
The technology made available means you’re not just drifting through the digital age – you’re behind the wheel and in control. 

Circle around a digital touch coffee table. Head to the TV Studio Suite to gain first-hand production experience. Bring your spark to The Sandbox to make and create using cutting edge (3-D printers) or centuries old (scissors!) technology. Settle into a workstation armed with dual monitors that make multi-tasking a snap. 

Media:scape technology and interactive whiteboards foster creativity and collaboration while Blu-ray players, recording equipment, and video viewing and listening stations allow you to enter the audio-visual realm with ease. 

Equipment at the Ready
Looking to scan, print, or copy? No sweat.

Need a laptop, iPad, or e-reader? How about cables or headphones?

We’re equipped with technology that can be checked out and put to good use, ensuring you have the tools required to advance your learning.