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SERV Program Happenings

Students in the program called Students Embracing the Responsibility to Volunteer (SERV) at SNC have a busy year! SERV started as an Americorps program approximately ten years ago. While the program is no longer federally funded, we have continued a similar program to encourage students to become engaged in our community and learn valuable leadership skills.  Hours of service, training, learning, and fun, fill some of their time between classes and homework. The SERV Fellows participate in local, national, and international service and movements. They develop their leadership skills. Fellows dedicate many evenings and weekends to service; learning about themselves and others, and developing lasting friendships.

They make a difference!

Move-in day Moving in early and training
Students get the chance to move in four days earlier than their fellow first year students. This allows time for training as well as getting to know the SERV team and the campus.

Team buildingTeam building
The program offers opportunities for fellows to get to know one another and learn each other's strengths. There are various opportunities throughout the year and they are a lot of fun!
Once or twice a year the entire group of fellows get together for a retreat. These retreats help students to reflect on their service, build skills, as well as to spend time with people who care about similar issues.
The students work together for an entire year for tutoring, meetings weekly, retreats, trainings. Also, as part of the program, the students are expected to recruit five non-SERV fellows to join them in service.
One of the main programs the SERV fellows work with is the tutoring program. The program is designed to allow the SERV fellow to work one-on-one with the students who are considered "at risk" to help them with their basic reading and writing skills and get excited about school.
KidsKids 2 Campus Day
This event is sponsored by the Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning with assistance from the SERV fellows. It is held on one of the spring Advisement days so none of the fellows have class. This is usually in April, so the students have been spending almost an entire academic year with their mentors.  The are bussed to the campus and taken on tours by the fellows and some of their recruits. This is a great opportunity to spend time with the students outside of tutoring and get them interested in college.
Students with childrenVarious service opportunities
The fellows need to get 200 hours of community service (this does include some training hours). The fellows are responsible for finding service opportunities that meets the requirements of the program, but the program does bring up some opportunities open to the group's participation throughout the year.
TRIPS is an acronym for Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service. Students have the opportunity to go on a trip over winter or spring break. They spend this week at a service location devoted to service for the organization. Each TRIP has a focus for their service ranging from homelessness, urban education, AIDS awareness, working with special needs and more. This is a great opportunity to do something with their break as well as get close to 40 hours of service towards the total.

WPS awardsAward-winning
SERV fellows have won numerous awards and scholarships as a result of their leadership on campus and in the community. Their year as member of SERV prepares them well to make a difference.

SERV Fellows Program
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