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Forms, Applications and Resources

In addition to a very dedicated and knowledgeable staff, we have a well-stocked library full of leadership and service resources. We also offer most of our publications, applications, and forms online.

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If there's something you are looking for that's not here, give us a call or e-mail and we'll try to accommodate.

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Contract for Establishment (pdf)
This is a blank contract to be used when renting a room or service from an establishment that does not have it's own contract. It is now available from the Planning website.

Contract for Performer or Speaker (pdf)
This is a blank contract to be used for performers and speakers who provide service to St. Norbert College and do not have their own contract. It is now available from the Planning website.

Executive Report
This form is required of all recognized student organizations at the start of the fall semester and anytime officer changes occur.

Ledger (fill-in pdf)
This is a blank form that can be used as a simple ledger for groups needing to keep one for saf funding. If you have Adobe Professional software, you can use the ledger on your computer. Otherwise, you can download and input the starting description information, but then you must print it and maintain by hand. What it does is saves you the cost of accounting paper.

Off-Campus Event Form (online)
Required of any recognized student organization hosting an event off campus. Due in LSE prior to the event. It is now available from the Planning website.

Organization Officer Change Form (online)
Let us know who the new officers are as they happen.



Apprentice Program Application (online)
Sign-up online for the Apprentice program.

FYE Mentor Application (word document)
Be a First Year Experience Mentor - Work with new students that need your help. For more information on the job itself, click here.

LSE Student Employment Application (word document)
LSE has many student positions - office assistants, aerobic instructors and more. Click here to go to the job description and openings page.

SERV Program Application (doc)



Our leadership and service library is continually being updated with the latest books on theory and practice including books on: team-building books, ice-breaker manuals and principle and ethics books. The library includes "Servant Leadership" by Robert Greenleaf; "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge; "Leadership for the Common Good," by Byson and Crosby and many, many more.

All leadership and service books are on the search database of the central online library catalog:

>> Central SNC Online Library Catalog

Once you find a book you are interested in, simply visit the LSE office in the Campus Center (Suite 330) to check it out. We use the central on line library system to check out all our materials.

 LSE Resource Series

If you just need a quick fix or a little reminder on how to get something done, the handouts in our LSE Resource Series will help. There are over thirty handouts in the LSE Resource Series for student organization leaders--all developed to help you effectively lead your organization. Want to know how to plan a retreat? Motivate your members? Organize a successful fund raising campaign? LSE Resource can help! For a colorful array of topics, pick up the actual handouts in the LSE turnstile.
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Emerging Leaders Application (online)
Sign-up online for the Emerging Leaders program.  REMINDER, PLEASE BE SURE TO STOP BY THE LSE OFFICE OR CALL LSE, 920.403.4023 TO SIGN UP FOR A INTERVIEW TIME SLOT!  Interviews will take place in the LSE suite, Campus Center room 330.

Leadership, Student Engagement and First Year Experience

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