Mathematics is a discipline and art that is elegant and challenging, requiring ingenuity as well as logic to solve real-world problems.

Math Course Minor Requirements


(six courses)

MATH 124 or MATH 131, MATH 132, MATH 233, MATH 250 and two mathematics courses numbered 300 or above.

Mathematics Teaching Minor

The program shall consist of CSCI 110, MATH 124 or MATH 131, MATH 132, MATH 250, MATH 306 and MATH 321 or MATH 350.

Residency requirements: Students majoring in mathematics (including the teaching major) must take MATH 499 and earn credit in at least three mathematics courses at St. Norbert College numbered 300 or above.

Faculty Highlight

Fluid mechanics figures in countless phenomena, from lung function to lake sedimentation. Terry Jo Leiterman (Mathematics) investigates both and brings fluid mechanics theory to life in a new lab on campus. The experiments she and her students perform there will contribute to scholarly understanding of the interplay between lake ecosystems and climate change. Their research could prove valuable to those exploring how changing carbon cycles influence climate.